Not good gun saftey


Not the best way to test body armor


Well, the shooter was using an AK-47. Hard to be accurate at that distance😂 had he been using the AR-15 or similar variance, he would have hit his mark! (Jk)


Sheesh, everyone knows you’re supposed to raise your arms above your head before getting shot …


That looks like something the guys from Second Chance body armor would do.
Except they do it right.


I’m really tempted to call BS on the video though…watch it carefully, especially the slo-mo and see if you can spot the several inconsistencies that may make this a hoax.


You called it. Very fake. That’s only traveling at ~300 FPS. Nice paint ball shot!


That, along with the reaction of the arm to the impact, the lack of damage to the tin wall behind the arm (assuming complete penetration of an AK round at that distance) and the reaction of the “accident victim” were all major giveaways in my opinion…nice call on the paintball…I was thinking siminution of some sort, but that fits better.