not only CHEAP ammo but look what I found on my Doorstep

As with policy now, deliveries are drop and run…
a plain brown box

do give them credit, it was well packed

and the box worked amazing well as a cat trap…

like I said “they” were well packed.

and the first unwrapped

I was hoping it was the other one but I present for your viewing pleasure the Swiss Service Revolver M1882/29 made 1940

and followed by

The Swiss1882 Ordnance Revolver made 1918.
They shoot the obscure 7.5mm 1882 Ordnance which so happens to be the same as .32 S&W Long.

They have a interesting loading/unloading manual of arms - you open the gate, point the barrel down, slide in a round and pull the trigger (which will advance the cylinder), close the gate and it is ready to shoot.
Has a smooth but heavy double action trigger, but the single action is very very light.
The older 1882 fits the wife’s hand better where I find the “newer” one a bit more comfortable.
To unload - point the barrel up, open the gate and let gravity do the work, but if there is the difficult one, you pivot out the ejector rod and push. Again pull the trigger to advance the cylinder…


That’s sweet, I like old revolvers.


Nice! And I’m still jello you get guns delivered right to your door by way of brown box!

That’s kinda sketchy. :grimacing: Would take me a lot of mental effort to load that puppy.


Those are nice. You find those on the internet?


I was thinking the same thing. I would have some anxiety for sure. LOL


an Canadian reseller and If I only had the money


staying in the Swiss vein
and when you wonder what is the difference between a K11 and K31

turns out they are the same length
but because one is a carbine with a long action the difference is there.