Not really a restoration...more like a rescue

Did a nice trade the other day and ended up with a very nice numbers matching Mosin 91/59…and also this: (kind of)

That’s actually someone else’s picture, but pretty much what I acquired with the Mosin.
A horrific Bubba SKS.
Combat exchange folding stock, POS receiver cover (canted) optic mount with a cheap red dot, some ridiculously cheap garbage 30 round magazine, and missing the bayonet of course.

(Stripped junk)

All that Bubba shit on a pretty decent RUSSIAN SKS. Why Bubba Why?

Now, because Bubba absolutely had to have his $30 tactical optic on his rifle, he canned the original dust cover that of course would have had the date and Arsenal stamp on it, so it took quite a bit of research to figure out what year this old girl is. After a few hours of research I was able to finally determine that it is a late 1951 Tula that was refurbished at the Ishevsk arsenal…no idea what year the refurb occured.

So today I cleaned her up, found an unmarked original dust cover, (took me a few hours to properly fit the cover to this rifle…lots of hand filing and test fitting) pulled out a customized original stock I got with a different SKS, replaced the shit magazine with an original Russian one I had laying around and voila:

I plan to continue the process the best that I can. Find a Russian stock, an original blade bayonet, and hopefully eventually a dust cover with 1951 and the Tula star on the top. I absolutely hate seeing guys do this type of stuff to a classic rifle (sigh) if I could rescue them all, I would :sunglasses:


Nice work!


Thank you!


Very nicely done sir. :sunglasses:

Unfortunately, for every rifle we rescue, there’s a Bubba out there crafting another.


but it is not chinese -


Nice! May have to see if it can find its way my direction…
Thanks for the link!


What flavor is it?


I have the same question. The photos are blurry and I’m no expert on proof marks. Where’s Ian from Forgotten Weapons? :wink:


if it is a Chinese one, it would be worth a lot - the Chinese used a three sided spike. The only bladed version would be Russian that were accepted prior to them making their own


Markings look fairly close to what is on my other Russian SKS (even though they’re blurred) so I’m assuming it is Russian