Not receiving notifications for new videos


Probably a month or so ago I added a lot more subscriptions on Full30 and removed them from youtube.

Now I don’t seem to be getting any notifications when new videos are released.

any ideas what’s wrong?



Same thing here, Clay. You are not alone!


Well Full30 it’s been fun! as much as I want to support this format I’m missing out on way to much content, and I don’t have time to search for each thing every day. I’ll keep my subscriptions open and hope that eventually I start getting notifications again, hell I used to get notifications for a couple of channels, but now I get nothing.

I’m turning all my notifications back on for youtube and guess I’ll watch it there.


Yes, I had very high hopes for Full30, but like you it has become a chore to hunt down all the new videos. Regretfully, I have also gone back to youtube notifications and watching there. It pains me…


Same here. They’re making it really hard to use Full30.


Ditto. It’s really frustrating to have to rely on anti-2A YT to be notified when new videos come out. It’s been months since Full30 stopped sending notices. Is anyone home? Anyone listening to the users?


It was broken for a while (Feb-Apr 2017) and then fixed up until recently (May 21st was the last notifactation I got). And just now I got spam email from "" advertising the Leupold Mark 5HD.

Seems they’d rather move to direct spam advertising than fix the notifications and drive traffic to the site.