Not so New Old Geezer


Greetings fellow lead slingers ! Just got bot slapped for not introducing myself properly. so I’ll take the opportunity to say Hi !
As the title implies, I’ve been around a while and not as steady as I was at 65, but I try to get to the range several times a month to keep proficient with pistol, rifle, and shotgun. I’m a Navy veteran from the Vietnam era, but spent all my mil time with the 6th fleet in the Med.
Got a wife and daughter that outshoot me, and another daughter that’s an anti-gunner (punishment for my sinful youth) , but I still insist it’s just an eyesight issue !
I look forward to stopping by occasionally to partake in the knowledge and humor I see here.


Welcome @radagast
Great to have you here & thank you for your service!!!


Thank you also for the reintroduction!


Welcome to Full30… “old not obsolete”…:sunglasses:


Welcome to Full30 @radagast Good to have you here. Age is just a number, well, I keep telling myself that. One day I’m sure it will help.

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Too old to fight
Too tired to run
But I can still shoot pretty darn good.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to the forums and welcome to the geezer club as well. (63 myself.)

Great group we have here and much we can teach and learn ( mostly just the latter in my case) from these young whippersnappers.

Thank you for your service


Welcome to full30! Thank you for your service!


Welcome and thank you for your service.


Howdy, wellcome and pull up a chair.
You know you can trade that anti-gun daughter for a half way decent mule.


Official welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. We have three daughters, two right, one left. There’s always the one isn’t there? Good news is she still likes to shoot.


Welcome aboard.


Thanks g, I had considered that but finally decided that the mule was not going to give me the wonderful grandchildren that my daughter has. LOL ! They may be the path to revenge when my wife and I turn them into sharpshooters !



I’m fast approaching geezerhood and still appreciate my elders.


Thanks EQuinn. I’m equally proud of both, although I don’t fully understand either of my daughters ! They’re both hard working productive members of society, and were always encouraged to empower themselves. I still like to show’em I’ll always bel “Pop” though !


Welcome to Full30, radagast.

Thank you for your service.

And, welcome to the geezer club, too (I am in my early 60’s). Part of what is great about the gun world is that we can all learn from each other.


Welcome, Radagast, from a fellow squid (AO-51 Ashtabula, same era). “Bot-slapped” — I like that ')
I’m being punished for my shore leave also, with younguns that dislike their freedom, my country and the US Constitution. Had I only known, I would’ve used the “tool kit” they gave us in basic. Remember those? lol