Not the first thread desired, fallen officer

It is with the utmost regret that the first thread in this category is reporting a fallen officer, I did put a lot of thought into it, ultimately it is not a story to just glance over or put off.

It does make me more aware of the need to not take issue with police in how they handle confrontations, their job is not one I would want and all you in Blue deserve to go home at the end of each day.

My heart go’s out to officer Adam Jobbers-Miller’s family.


this is a sad story, man doing his job trying to show some restraint, just to be taken out by this inner city, ghetto trash, EBT CARD toting wild animal! law enforcement gets a bad rap and sometimes deservingly so, some do have a God complex once they get that badge, gun and Power. for the most part they put their lives on the line and run towards Danger as do our soldiers and other First Responders. the animals they protect us from every day do not have the moral compass and will gladly shoot, injure and or kill without a second’s hesitation even over the most miniscule infractions. Law enforcement has to be tough & forceful if they are to come home to their families alive at night! Rip officer.


Add in there the shooter is an illegal immigrant from Haiti and had already been deemed incompetent because of mental illness.


I thought illegal Criminals, I mean friendly migrants , we’re peaceful, fun loving productive individuals if we gave them a chance. Who’d a thunk it could be bad?..


The officers at Desmaret’s arraignment all seem to be showing a remarkable amount of restraint.
What would be Desmaret’s fate for shooting a police officer in Haiti?



Well, clearly none of the liberals gave it much thought.