Nothing urgent pressing upon us


Nothing urgent pressing upon us…

Read that here recently and it echoes outside of this forum, once Trump was elected gun owners seemed to drop their gaurd

Well, some did…mistakenly

FL now has a "statewide “risk prevention” policy, to seize and hold firearms/ammunition from a person for at least 72 hours, if baker acted, that allows for emergency/involuntary commitment that can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals



Okay, you are right. We do have urgent matters in front of us. Just not the kind of SHTF urgency that a WW III would present, I would think. Still, anytime a (typically democrat) politician gets loose and shows their true anti gun colors, it gets pretty scary. And, to think that sometimes I think about buying property / a home, in NC !

Of course, the confiscation now being allowed in FL is every bit as scary to me, and not just some bill being considered! OMG ! I really feel sorry for those that get impacted by this nonsense!


I live in Oregon, its definitly scary. We have a big AWB bill coming up to vote soon itll ban all semi autos and make people get rid of their semi autos or be charged with a felony. This stuff is crazy.



Wow, that is bad! I guess they don’t distinguish between pistol caliber carbines, rifle caliber carbines, AR’s, rimfires, or any other subclass of semi-autos - right?


Make sure this is stopped before it goes any further. They tried something like this in Wisconsin which would have banned nearly every firearm. There was a huge backlash and the bill died.


No semi autos at all except tube fed .22 rifles.


What a joke. In Wisconsin they had any handgun over 5 pounds, any handgun that does not have magazine in the grip. And firearm with a threaded barrel.



So, the tube fed .22 rifles are being exempted (in other words, will still be allowed)?


Supposedly. They have untail July 6th to get 88,000 votes to get it on the ballot in Nov. . As of now nobody but them really knows shit.


Does Oregon fave any kind of state focused gun rights group? We have the CRPA ( California Rifle & Pistol Association) here that keeps a close eye on pending legislation and gets the word out to gun owners. Not always effective at stopping crap cuz of the “anti anything remotely gun related” fervor of the liberal supper majority and Governor Snowflake Brown. But Oregon may not be lost yet.
Word needs to get spread about this. Tube fed .22 only would make a 10/22 illegal.
I half think we need a gun rights political party. Something with a historic name.


Our state neighbor VT had “Violence and gun safety package” passed. Everyone was shocked. “Gun violence” was not an issue in VT. They have a drug issues that sometimes escalated to violence but not often, and I don’t understand why no one drew the conclusion that maybe setting up drug overdoes safe havens MIGHT just MAYBE be their issue. So I was nervous about the new laws…until the local gun shop got the package details delivered for people to take home.
S221 and S422 Will be ok, and might even help If they actually use the system correctly. What if your crazy ex gets mad and files a restraining order for literally no reason? Its a solid concern.
S55: I feel like they did this right and I am kind of disappointing in the way Vermont pro gunners handles this one. Everyone flipped out saying they cant buy anything till they are 21… and that was not the case. You need only to take a safety course… witch I honestly personally think training should be government funded and required everywhere anyways.
S55 Background checks. I hate the wording. They have always had background checks. Aside from that I always did transfers even here in NH when dealing with people I don’t know. Today, you just never know.
S55 Magazines. Really? This is ridiculous and prevents nothing. BUT they left such a big gap before it was in effect, that Vermonters who didn’t even have Ar15 rifles were buying P mags. Hell, I panicked and bought 2 before I was like “wait…I live in NH, never really shoot my ar, and already have over 10 P mags!” lol Anyways even magpul showed up and handed out 30 round P mags so now VT is flooded with at least 100% more 30 round P mags…and P mags are durable. Way to go high cap mag sales state of the year!
S55 Bump stocks. We have 1 issues over how many years of owning bump stocks, and they think this will make any sort of difference? Stupid.

And the last section just ensures they aren’t coming after anything

SO! Pretty much its a bunch of stuff that will make little to no difference and there isn’t even a way to enforce it. The only real cause for concern is if someone was to lie about you and get a restraining order…witch… really… just don’t associate with those kinds of people.

Not as extreme as what was posted, but still concerning that things are starting to get pushed through now…especially when we know most of it will not save any lives.



I am thinking of getting rid of all my high capacity handguns. Trade them for moderate capacity (7 to 10 shot) handguns. That way, if/when the day comes that laws change and the authorities come door to door looking for high capacity guns, I will not be affected. Better to get half of what I paid for them than to just have to surrender them to authorities.

And no, I am not suggesting anyone else follow my actions. I just don’t like the idea of being forced to give up my legally-obtained property and have nothing (or some small amount they might give me), to show for it. And, I don’t want to go to jail for non-compliance.

Frankly, I am scared that gun laws are changing - for the MUCH worse!


Tell us what you have and how much you need . And we will try to get them to a free state.


I’m thinking of switching most of my handgun collection to revolvers but not because of politicians and their wet dreams. Fuck them.



Actually, my state is Florida, so technically, that would be a ‘free’ state.

Also, I am hoping to get the trades recorded such that I could prove I no longer own them. Some of the receipts I have gotten in the past for trades I have done, well, they did not work out so well (faded paper, hard to read writing, no serial number shown, and on and on), so we (I) will see.

Besides, beyond 10 rounds, or so, to me, capacity is not that important. I did not buy my guns because of their being able to hold more than 10 rounds. I bought them because I could shoot them well. Now, to look for other, lower-cap, guns that shoot as well (or better). This is one of the reasons I opened the discussion about the 1911 under $1,000.



At one time, I had moved totally to revolvers. I regretted that decision as trigger pull became such an issue. However, now that Colt Night Cobra is (coming) out, I may reconsider. It is DAO and if its trigger pull is anything like the regular Colt Cobra (I am talking about the newer models here), then DAO would be perfect. I believe the Colt Cobra has a 7 pound trigger pull in double action. I don’t know of any other revolver that can match that.


With what I see coming from your political leaders it seems they are starting to go away from being as free. I don’t own any handguns that have a capacity of more than 8 rounds. In fact most of them are Smith revolvers .But I do work with a FFL who would do transfers and I will be in Florida at Thanksgiving.


I’m switching because I like the triggers. I feel like I’ve been missing out on something great by avoiding them up until now. I’m fine with 7 rounds as long as it’s a potent round.



Thanks for your consideration. Thanksgiving would not be a good time for me to meet (prior plans).

I will work this out over the next few months.