NOVX Ammunition Tests

In these times of scarcity of ammunition and no signs of reprieve in the coming future, sometimes the guys like myself that walk the line of conventional ammunition as a staple for the love of shooting sports will eventually find themselves at this fork in the road of trying an unconventional product. Well there I was looking for a little 9mm and here is the only 9mm available at the time. Big neon yellow and black box with the word NOVX on it… was I at a early 90’s rave? Was this the candy isle I mistakenly walked down??? Nope that was it! Yup! The last chicken in the shop ammo and there I was ready to swallow my pride an buy this dead head nightmare that looked like it fell out the back of a Willy Wonka’s truck ammo.

Well here we are testing it out so you don’t have to.
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the NOVX Ammunition Test video. Enjoy.