NRA IMO How I see recent events


IF the next POTUS is a Democrat and Democrats get control of at least one house in Congress Gun owners will be fair game, The Anti-Gun crowd will be even more crazy to ban guns and take them, The NRA knows and has seen like the rest of us that the Anti crowd is louder and shows face way more than the gun owning crowd does, The NRA made no effort on the banning of Slidefire/Bumpfire stocks and for the most part supported it. What gun part will be next ? and how many will end up banned with no fight from the NRA ? IMO I see the NRA going along with a lot more Infringements in the coming years. The NRA knows as well as the rest of us that Slidefire/Bumpfire stocks don’t kill anybody…be ready for more Infringements that the NRA won’t fight and will support.


If a democrat or a soft republican gets elected next presidential term we are all screwed, and not just gun owners either. We have to make sure we put the right people in office regardless of affiliation. There are so many tens of millions of Americans who do not vote and the law of averages tells me that most of them are exercising their 2A right. These people need to wake up and participate in the voting process in order for our rights, not just 2A, get protected. If they don’t, prepare to see a change over for us to what the U.K. and Europe look like today. You cannot even carry a damn knife in the U.K. it’s so bad there. THAT is our future if normal law abiding American citizens don’t take control of these extremists/socialists and vote them out.


Isn’t that the problem though? The electoral college is solely about the president. Far too many people don’t vote because of complacency and assuming their vote doesn’t actually matter. The “system” starts at the local level. If we can get the right state legislatures in place we can stop the gerrymandering that stacks the deck against us and the get the correct Reps and Senators to the congress. Local and fed level is where the anti-gunners are killing us.
Again I’m in the almost lost cause state of Ca. I get it. I want out, more because of over population than anything else and will be heading to Az soon where it’s sparsely populated as well as gun friendly. But until then I intend to fight here to turn this Shit hole around. Might work, might not.
I too, as I’ve said elsewhere, am plenty frustrated with the NRA as I can’t seem to access them except via my checkbook. I can’t express my views. I did just rejoin the California Rifle & Pistol Association ( CRPA ) which is a Ca offshoot of the NRA but at least they do stuff. I’m attending a “get out the vote” meeting next week and will likely be going door to door. That said the NRA does a considerable amount of good for our cause even though they do capitulate on a few things I wish they wouldn’t. So I’ll still support them as well. We need more guns in this fight not less and that’s why bailing on a state just cuz we’re loosing seems wrong. Not condemning anyone here, just hope we don’t give up ground to easily.

FMCDH right?


Gotta tell ya I’ve been a Sabath fan since the beginning. Loving these links you’ve been posting.


My voting comment wasn’t just solely about the presidency. :+1:


I applaud your efforts too. Btw, we can use more Californians like you over here in AZ, the majority that are moving in here are working hard to bring those CA ideologies here. Thankfully we still have a strong base of good Constitutionally minded people here willing to fight.
If you get over this way, let me know, maybe we can get out to a range sometime!


I am an NRA Life member, but am hoping bumpfire/slidefire guns either go away entirely, or get regulated much like submachine guns are.

That guy in Las Vegas that killed so many people, he used bump/slide fire rifles, so you can’t say they don’t kill people (ok, maybe not everyone is using them, but they have been used to kill people, and will again by some other nut).

I agree - NRA is not the most accessible organization unless you go to their annual meetings. They certainly make frequent use of their fundraising efforts in accessing us, though. Still, we need the NRA, as well as any other person or group, to support our gun rights as much as can be done (with only a few exceptions such as bump fire…). Sometimes, it will be groups other than the NRA that make the difference in the fight to keep our rights, that is just the way things work.


We need to ban politicians.


So you support more Infringements ? Funny how those who say the support the 2nd Amendment are fine with further Infringements upon it…makes a lot of sense…Bumpfire/slidefire stocks have yet to kill anybody…You are ok with them going away, but I have not seen you say the same thing about Knives, Blunt objects or Fists ? Those 3 things kill more people in a month than AR15’s do in a year or more, Will you support banning them ? How about banning cars ? Medical Malpractice ? They kill many 1000’s more than AR15’s or AR15 parts do…Dead is Dead regardless of the means…How many more Infringements will you support ?



The ‘infringements’ that I support are very few. As mentioned, the bumpstocks DID kill people (Las Vegas shooter made heavy use of them). Frankly, I can’t see a significant difference functionally between submachine guns and bumpstock rifles. I am amazed that Obama’s ATF originally did not either. But now that we have all seen how functionally close they are in reality, finally the government(s) is/are doing something about them.

The second amendment did not specify exactly what kinds of weapons civilians could keep. Maybe better it didn’t since what they had back then would not be worth much now. But as a result of that, the dividing line between what civilians can have versus what police and military can have, is blurry.

The only thing I can see worth keeping out of civilian hands (beyond the weapons of mass destruction), is fully automatic fire. Bumpfire rifles are essentially just that - fully automatic (capable).

So, please don’t worry that I see the world of defense anything like liberals - I most certainly don’t. And yes, when you hear them talking about just banning this or that today, that is because they want to lull us all into complacency and really take arms away from civilians. That is not me and never will be.



Actually, as funny as that sounds, our original USA government did try to make politicians part time and not career, full time. Too bad we did not stick with that approach.



Ok, I get it. You don’t trust the news and all their photographs (which, of course, could have been staged). I don’t blame you - so much of the news is fake nowadays. Too much politics in news reporting.

Still, you surely see my point that bumpfire rifles are essentially fully automatic (capable) rifles, so why not regulate them as such?

Although I agree that we need to be very careful about adding any new gun laws, treating bumpfire rifles like fully automatic rifles seems a no-brainer to me. Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion, too.


You say you support “some” infringements. Though the 2A says “shall not be infringed.” You correctly point out there were no weapon limits in the 2A. The People needed the same weapons the armies had so no limits were included. We don’t have that ability today oddly.
You say fully automatic weapons or even bumpstock are not for you. That’s fine. You needn’t get one. But others might want these freedoms and per the constitution ought to have them.


IMO we should have every thing our military has .At the time the bill of rights was written people had fully armed ships ,settlers had cannons and the same or better firearms than the army.


LOL…Please tell me how a Bumpfire stock kills people ? I own a couple and so far they have hurt no one, Tell me how they will ? should I put them under lock and key with an armed guard so they don’t kill anybody ? LOL…NO one who is ok with (some) Infringements believes in the 2nd Amendment…People like you do not even understand what a Right is, much less why the 2nd was written as it is…People like you are the enemies of the 2nd, not supporters…


Why ban law abiding citizens from owning full auto weapons? Look at the statistics prior to full autos getting banned, cars killed twice as many people. The government should keep its nose out of where it dosnt belong and people should stop acting like dependent sheep eager to give up their rights.


Get off the gubberments nuts and quit listening to the msm ,their “news” and bias opinions are complete horse shit on so many levels.



Oops, my bad. I don’t support ANY infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. But, I do support some minimal limitations on what those arms can be. This is similar to what the Supreme Court has determined.


That is infringement, the supreme court is full of tyrants. The very reason our founding fathers put the second amendment in the bill of rights was to keep the people you are praising from infringing on our rights, which you support them doing. The second amendment is a right not a privilege.


The Second Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791. It reads:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Perhaps there is some confusion about what shall not be infringed. So, I copied it over for clarity. The second amendment clearly states that the right to keep and bear arms is what is not to be infringed, not what kinds of arms you can have.

Although I do think political views do get involved way too heavily in Supreme Court decisions, I would not call them tyrants.

jf89 - we certainly agree on some things gun related, but it is looking like we may not agree on everything. That is ok. I don’t know anyone that completely agrees with anyone else on everything.