Number 4 has arrived

I have 3 original Kimbers. All 70 series design. Enter number 4. This is the micro 9. It is almost a 1911 but not quite. Some differences include a hinged trigger. No barrel bushing. No barrel link. Safety can be applied with the hammer forward. No grip safety. This has a firing pin block. Rural King took 11 days to get this pistol from Illinois to Kentucky.

I picked this up today. Drove home and went straight to our range. Only ran 50 rounds through it tonight. A mixture of Blazer aluminum115 gr, Winchester 115 gr, and Speer Gold Dot 147 gr. This little pistol fed everything I put in the magazines. At only 15+ oz empty it does have a bit or recoil. All metal 3 dot sights are easy to aquire and see. I dont have a trigger pull scale but my best guess is it takes about 6-7lbs of pull to release the hammer. Even with being small and light it functioned as intended even being fired 1 handed. The shiny silver thing in the pictures is a quarter for scale.


That’s a FINE little beauty!!!


Sweet! :sunglasses:

Why does the first pic look like you’re holding a Darth Vader mini-figure?

Once you see it… :rofl:




nice. i am thinking of going to a single stack for edc