NY AG sends Cease and Desist Orders


So she sends a Cease and Desist Order for something that is not illegal by state or federal law. What someone does with a product after they buy it is not the manufacturer’s fault.

I guess she is going to go after WD40 next for making Flame Throwers


Lol, New York is so full of desperation it’s laughable.


After reading this I almost puked at the audacity of this lady
First off there not even considered firearms at the federal level
Second off it’s not illegal to build your own personal firearm
More demon crap control smh
My advice for the targeted sites just put up a disclaimer stating any orders from that state will not be accepted end of the issue

And just to be honest here
Most of the places that you purchase 80% lowers and frames from are based in California where it is illegal to purchase such things anymore


then she wins…


I’m of two minds on that
The 80% industry is under enough scrutiny
And New York politics is a sham

I’m pretty invested in the 80% world and would like to see it stay under the radar for as long as possible

But I agree with you as well
We should have to give in



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