NY Dem Kevin Parker Who Wants to Search Your Social Media Is A Violent Tax Deadbeat




Great write up @JohnCrump

Should social media check be required to get a gun license?

I’m so surprised!

And by surprised, I mean not surprised.


Thanks. It was like going down the rabbit hole with this gun. I wanted to do a quick write up on the assault on the photographer, but kept turning up more and more dirt.


Nice work on the article.




Well, aren’t laws for the “little” people (and not the politicians)?

Seems, that is the way at least some of them think / operate.


One wonders how it is he still has water. Or the homes? If I were to not pay my water bill for that long, I would not have water running into my home. And the county would have had a lein on my house a long time ago. How do they get away with this?


Wonder why New York folks seem to do the tax-forgetting the most? Al Sharpton anyone?


Have some fun, get some phone #s, “county” utilities, courts, etc

look them up



Al Sharpclown Jr.