NY drafting bill to deny gun rights based on social media posts - that's what the UK does and it denies guns for criticizing the government



Dems in New York aren’t satisfied with violating the 2nd Amendment. Now they’re trying to violate 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th Amendments in order to suppress the 2nd.

They want the government to troll through our social media posts AND search history before they grant us a gun license. If you research the wrong thing or say the wrong things, then you can’t bear arms.

Let’s hop across the pond real quick and see how that works for UK gun owners:

This guy criticized the UK’s gun laws online. So they told him to stop criticizing the government or lose his gun ownership license.

This is why a right licensed is a right denied. If the government can change the criteria for you to be able to exercise that right, they will, and it will get more restrictive.

If you erode any of our constitutional rights, they all come crashing down. The fight for the 2nd Amendment is a fight for the rest of our rights.

Tomorrow is the day to vote. If you haven’t voted, GO VOTE.


Perhaps they could just first ban numerals, that would make all those pesky amendments illegal.


Just ban all rights and have everyone apply for permission to speak, defend, or have babies.


While the two of you are being sarcastic what you speak of is completely possible
The two of you are old enough to see the incremental changes that they put in place decades ago come to fruition already
What makes you think voting will change this
Corruption doesn’t happen until after someone is elected and lobbyist get a hold of them
No one is uncorrubtable
Every one has Skelton’s in there closet
Everyone one has fetishes
Every one has greed
And despite popular belief there isn’t a two party system
It’s one party that makes back door deals with each other to benifit each other and big business

For example the words to big to fail is expressly why provisions were written in the constitution to stop tyranny
Most people over look the fact that it is also there duty as citizens to overthrow tyranny
Our forefathers thought the ballot box was the way this would happen
Unfortunately the ballot box is a sham in our time
And they were smart enough to make sure the cartridge box would be our equalizer


What are you implying?

Two faces on the same coin?

Two horns on the same beast?




I will always remember my Grandfathers answer when I asked him a question about Watergate, he said “Son, they only fight in front of us.” This situation we are in has roots going back to before his generation, sadly I doubt any vote will change the path we are on. At best it may lessen the eventual strife that will come when a change happens. IMHO the most important thing you can do is be a leader in your community, when the lies of the establishment are exposed communities will be looking for leaders they can trust.


I agree with you on most of this. Its easy to see that in the long run both parties take us to the same place, At least going the republican way buys you more time.


I just wanted to speak the truth thag a lot of folks ignore
While I vote
I feel it’s a mockery to think that it has any lasting effect


I agree, things are falling apart and peoole are just looking for some hope to cling on to. If it does come down to voting with the cartridge box then we are talking multiple conflicts ,probably asymmetrical warfare and civil war , really ugly bloody shit that could span for decades and destroy whats left of this country. Hopefully if it does happen it will be an absolute last measure, I neither condone or condemn these actions but its hard not to see that America is going down a deep dark path.


I don’t think our nation could survive a civil war as a third party would swoop in and take over. This isn’t like a hundred years ago where it took months to mobilize and deploy an army.


The third party would most likely be the un
They already have Troops in play
The us govermwnt has built internment camps all across the country already there agenda is already prepared
The social media experiment in all honesty is ingenious in there part huge portions of the population use it to tell the world there entire lives where there at who there with what there doing how they beleive
It eliminates all of the investigating and allows real time data to be instant
This law is unconstitunal but they don’t care about the law they care about control


This /\




It’s true bud
The un have no issue policing the populis of this country
Our soldiers are going to have a hard time firing on there own kind
Un soilders will come from all the Stan countries and will have zero issues


There are certain states that will not go for this stuff, this is where it would get real. If you got 15-20 states allied you would most likely end up with a civil war on your hands. Not everyone is playing the same game from state to state.




Uncle Vito [AKA Doo Doo] long ago before the internut said NEVER use your real name.
They never did. Family conversation: “Doo Doo was talking to Ding about King Farook’s son Weezer”

Fake FB profile? Priceless.

FYI Burners are the new pay phone. NO CC – Pay cash.


I would think there are only a few states that would be open to a UN invasion… NY being one and Commiefornia being another (I’m in Commiefornia). Our states really hate the Bill of Rights… 1st and foremost they acknowledge God and the Left hates God unless they fashion god in their image. Like Commiefornia going against the federal government and declaring itself a “sanctuary” state as well as expressing antiAmerican animosity towards our various Amendments it is very conceivable that they will invite a foreign force to help them in their seditious battle to overthrow the USA.

Perhaps the end times as prophesied in the Bible is inevitable. Maybe it starts with the US eliminating our Bill of Rights… but what seems probable is the US will be a non-factor in the end times which suggests that the US is neutralized most likely from within… and this seems to be taking shape in various forms, in particular driven by those on the Left and the lemmings who follow them and those who collude with them though they are supposed to be in the Right. I think the root cause is the distance we are from God. The further we are as a nation from God the more the Left and Right look the same because neither has a moral foundation. But for now, there are those on the Right who are still influenced and driven by Judeo-Christian principles. Perhaps they will help ensure that our God given inalienable rights are maintained… without God, we have no inalienable rights.


Gun Owners of America, NRA, whoever your Lobbyist of preference is with 2A, re-join, organize, work with their training division.

Reminder, we VOTE everyday with our $$$; REI is one retailer to organize boycotts of/for/from, and communicate with about WHY our family’s $$ will now go elsewhere. .