Obama's getting his change back it seems


I get were not a political forum, but a president actually addressing an embarrassment…

Thats nice to see.


Do you think this was a good move?


A resounding yes would be my answer to this.


My thoughts exactly.


thanks for the video, Robert.

Now I see why Trump wanted out of the deal, rightfully so!


Reminded me of they guy who ran for office



That was a fun video.



here’s a fun cartoon

Iranians shout death to America due to breaking the deal, sounds like great people to bargain with.


thanks, Robert - yeah, I like the cartoon.

Now regarding the comment about Iranians shouting death to America…

haven’t they been shouting that all along? Wow! Could you imagine if we or our government, were shouting death to Iran or Iranians?



On the one hand, I’d love to, but on the other, it is just not my style. I am more of a defense-oriented guy, instead of offense.


I’m with the Don. Not the dnc scum of the earth



(godfather voice) Don’t hold back… tell the Don about your love…

be best



me too, I am with the Don (rough around the edges, yes, but heading in the right direction).


(whispers) Sir, JohnB loves you too


Show the Don your love


Let in be known,JohnB has my protection


I am too but I’ll kiss the ring. Hah. He’s done more good so far in less than 2 years than that racist Obama did in 8 years and Hillary could do in a lifetime. He has his bad traits yes, and he does, overall the upside is paying dividends for the country right now. Plus having him in the WH sticks really far in democrats’ craws and I like that. They are squirming and it’s great.

That’s my one and only political post here and it’s the last one you’ll see.


The godfather was overated, im more of A Sopranos fan.






A pro life president

Praise God

Trump may be a mixed bag, but if he has actual life values… we can build from there

“Seven out of 198 nations allow elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.”
North Korea:
United States: