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Hello from occupied Colorado.

Also, upfront, clarify if you would:

“You acknowledge you will not directly or indirectly:
vi. Organize or participate in any activity or group that is hateful, harmful, or offensive towards a race, sexual orientation or preferences, religion, heritage or nationality, disability or other health class, gender, age, or similar classes determined by Full30”

Full30 isn’t some politically correct, Marxist-friendly nightmare or something, is it? Or is this TOS simply engineered so anyone can be denied services at staff discretion for any reason by broadly interpreting the boundless TOS? Or was this TOS a copy/paste format and doesn’t represent the actual intention of Full30 staff? (In which case it ought to be looked at.)

Anyway, (tentatively) glad to be on Full30. Hate it when I’m forced to watch something on YouTube.

ETA: AR or AK guy, can’t decide… lol Have a few of each. I like practical application shooting; carbine courses and such.


Welcome to Full30, RRR.

Is your avatar a picture of the Branch Davidians fire near Waco? It sure looks like it to me.

I lived in Dallas when that happened. Still hard to believe what all happened.



TOS are under review,

They were copied from wordpress and never tuned, we just added full30 to the description this week

you surely may start a thread on it if you like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: maybe help to recreate them.

Although we will retain the right to boot indiscriminately :hiking_boot:


Yep, you’re right. The Waco Massacre. To remind myself and others of what happened and of those who did it with impunity; and what we’re up against.

I’m glad you recognized it. Many don’t even know about it.


I watched the news intensely while the standoff was going on, especially the last day when the fire broke out.

Not sure what all happened later. You say “…with impunity…” - does that mean none of the law enforcement people suffered any consequences of the attack on Koresh (et al) ? What about the few followers that got out and survived?


Impunity as in they got off, yeah. The best that could be hoped for in suing the government for government conduct here is some civil suits, which were filed of course but all were tossed out iirc and, if they weren’t, that wouldn’t have been justice anyway. Individual ATF/FBI agents would still get off and tax payers would have had to foot the bill to some survivors.

Anyway, it’s a good lesson, among others, of what you can expect when you are unpopular with the government, despite having done nothing wrong.



The Branch Davidians being a cult and being in the gun business (buying and selling for a profit), as well as stockpiling various arms (reportedly machine guns and grenades, among other things), certainly did not help their cause.

Still, I am not sure that we really know all the truth of the matter, but I do know it was once heck of a messy situation!


Sorry, that was unpopular



Thanks for sharing that with us. I had never heard about it.

Not sure what you mean about it being unpopular, though.


Nope. Try to think of it like someone else’s living room, not your living room.
Use the golden rule and you’ll have no problems here.
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Lots of quirky small religions in America. Most I’m no personal fan of, including Branch Davidians. Doesn’t mean they and their children deserved to die for it. ATF spun stories about being fired on with .50 machineguns at the start. In the aftermath it was found that they had no machine guns. Their weapons were legal. During the siege, before the fire, Koresh asked the ATF why they didn’t just come over so they could come in and do their work.

They decided to just attack first instead and make a show for the news cameras. An agent who shot an unarmed woman at Ruby Ridge was present shooting at Waco, too. More impunity.

What I mean by unpopular is just that, anything not PC, and we gun owners aren’t exactly popular and currently becoming less so all the time.

… This is an unexpected conversation. lol


Sounds good, thanks man.


No worries, our mods wear engineer caps :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Welcome to the forum @RRR


Welcome to Full30 @RRR Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome to the forum @RRR. We are a good group. I think what @switchpod said is spot on. We are A good friendly group. Hope you enjoy your time here.


Yea, thats some bad stuff. Ruby Ridge was another event like that should be remembered. I used to go up around that area and the locals havnt forgot about it.


I get more of a mcguyver, not engineer vibe from you guys





Why didnt you make a hat for your grey coat?