off to pick up a new Tok


1945 tokarev with more than 1000rds - C$375
Transfer cert complete X
gas in the truck X
coffee in the mug X
address entered into GPS X
pictures to follow…




Great Deal.


Not a bad price at all. The ammo alone has to nearly cover that price.


nice! those are such fun pistols to shoot!




Much Jealousy


@srdiver did you bring that beauty home yet ?


Yeah we need an update!
I can’t wait to see it myself.


the pick up got delayed due to the wife needing money
it’s a 46 not a 45 and I may have to replace the hammer - someone in it’s previous life boobed (bobbed) the hammer. It is a Izzy, has no arsenal marks that I can see, but does have a strange mark on the frame that I have never seen (almost like a Chinese Factory Mark). The barrel serial number is electro- penciled and the side has the last three numbers stamped on the top (they quit stamping the slides after 1945. It comes with a Polish or Czech holster so the mystery expands.


and it is here, it soaked and soaked and even through the PO fired it boy was it full of 50 years of crude. What I found strange is that the slide release is from a Yugo M57 ??

course the 1160 rounds of 7.62 Tok doesn’t hurt either.