Officer Actually Shoots a Suspect in the Knee to End the Threat


Yes @brianpurkiss , This could end up being quite the controversial incident


I disagree with a few things from that blog but to prevent hurt egos and a big shit fest I am not going to get into this. At the very least, im glad to see it was a perp shot and not another cop.


I’m loving the brave cow who rushes in front of the herd toward the threat to protect his pals. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m not going to read the article, it’ll likely get me a little hot under the collar because I have hot opinions and like @jf89 it’ll likely not be received well (hint: the criminal was shot in the wrong place). But good for that LEO who made the right call in shooting the criminal. I’m all for dangerous criminals being dispatched one way or another.


I did not agree with locked and loaded’s take on this incident, not the cop. I agree that the cop shouldve shot the perp in the face. Maybe I said that wrong.

I side with coppers on alot (but not all) of this type of crap, ymmv.


I wrote the article and there wasn’t any hard stances taken on the incident - just questions posed for personal reflection. Also, It’s “Locked Back” - not Locked and Loaded.

Can you take difficult shots? Do you know your local laws well enough to say if this was justified or not in your jurisdiction? Those are questions you should know the answer to if you’re going to carry.


quick, get the jiffy pop!



I didn’t get the opposite impression, we are on the same page. I was meaning my (and your) opinion like you said wouldn’t be received well.

And I usually also side with LE in incidents like this.


^ This is an important point. Thank you for bringing that up.

Also note, I wasn’t being derogatory towards your article. I didn’t want to read it because it’ll get my blood boiling that the criminal wasn’t dispatched at the least in the mid-section first to guarantee incapacitation on subsequent follow up shots. Shooting someone in the leg/knee is quite difficult on a live subject. :+1:


Thank you @Mister_Torgue, that’s what I was trying to get at with the article.

Whether or not he was justified is completely dependent on your local laws, so there’s no point my writing about it unless I want to write hundreds of articles based on everyone’s local laws. There’s just not much of a point.

So the article is posed for personal reflection - trying to get people to honestly assess their skill level now so they aren’t making a decision in the moment during a DGU that won’t work well for them.

Know your limits and always train to become a better shooter.


Good to know. I will just call it Locked&Cocked or Cocked&Locked, though. Has a good ring to it.

Yes, I can take difficult shots. Difficult shots should not be a suprising concept for an accomplished competitive shooter such as yourself. Its why you train.
Also, anybody who carries should not only be aware of their state’s laws but seek actual training from an instructor who can better help someone develop the proper decision making skills.


If that’s the case, I’ll go and read it. It is absolutely important to know your limitations. Maybe some of us could of made that shot under that circumstance? It is an interesting mental exercise. Even being an above average pistol shooter than the average joe I am pretty confident I wouldn’t of been able to make that shot to the knee with 1 round. 2 or 3 perhaps but that’s too iffy considering ricochet and collateral damage.


I’m not sure if I’m missing something about your comment, but they aren’t a ‘surprising’ concept - it’s a concept presented as food for thought for the readers. I know my limitations and I want more people to know their limitations.

Completely agreed. I’ve started to become addicted to classes and I’m wondering if I enjoy classes more than matches these days.

The fact that at least two people are now pondering their limitations for difficult shots makes the article a success in my eyes. :slight_smile:


I can agree with that.


Its funny, this is one of the main reasons why I am defaulting to using my PS90 for defensive purposes over our AR. I’m just not either confident or competent with my ability and skill with the AR. The PS90, for this exercise, I would absolutely be able to hit the mole on his knee. :wink:


Personally, I don’t think the officer should have shot that individual at all. She was not a threat. That could have been ended with less lethal force. And a gun is lethal force, no matter where you’re aiming. A few inches higher could’ve hit the femoral artery and ended her life. She was not a danger to either the officer or the bystander. Rubber bullets or bean bags would have accomplished the same thing.


Yes she was. A screwdriver is just as deadly as knife. Not allowing her accomplice to comply with the officers orders makes him a hostage. No matter how good a cops judgement is they aren’t mind readers and her hostile and erratic behavior indicated she was a danger.

I still think the brave cow is the unsung hero in this scenario :cow2: :kissing_heart:


Not saying you’re wrong, but she wasn’t actually near that guy. He could have left at any time. He was clearly a party to this girl, not a victim. He was trying to calm her down. And she was just holding the screwdriver. She wasn’t charging the officer or the guy. If she had, then fine, shoot her.

That officer announced that he would do her like the last one. He clearly wanted to shoot her instead of using alternative means to stop her.

That cow was brave, though.


maybe so but she was close enough to the PO to in fact stab him before he could have got a shot off (short of having him ready to pull the trigger at the moment she moves). But I also agree that at that moment he didn’t have 100% reason to shoot, not with out using other non-lethal deescalation. But did he knowing have those options.
One of the first thing you learn in Combat leaders - there is no such thing as a wrong decision, just that some are better than others and that the only wrong decision is no decision.


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