Official caliber war thread(Handguns)


I wonder what the national average is for shots fired by a civilian using a carry weapon for self defense . I’m betting its one or two would be really surprised if it was three.


Unless theres multiple people ,which is getting pretty common.


I think Paul Harrell said about how many but I cannot remember. 2 or 3 shots I think.


Ayoob says something similar.


What I have heard is less than 5 shots fired in total - bad guy(s) plus good guy(s) - is the average, best that can be determined. However, if I recall correctly, Paul Harrell said the statistics are very hard to get and what you do get may not be reliable.

Still, larger capacity (filled with bullets) is generally a good thing.

Though, I am pretty sure Ayoob (at least) would say something about not carrying too much as it might/would imply you were looking for a gun fight.


Whenever someone who is thinking about buying a handgun and concealed carrying ask me what they should get I always answer “something your going to carry and not leave at home because its uncomfortable or feels like a burden”. I own several pistols from 17 round 9’mm’s to a 7 round S&W Shield 45 and I’ve carried a 5" colt 1911 45 ACP more than anything else. The 1911 is my favorite pistol it just feels natural to me and a good single action trigger cant be beat but its a good size chunk of metal to carry day in day out. Since I’ve bought the Shield it gets carried more than anything else if it was a 9mm it would still get carried more . I think we make caliber and capacity way bigger issues than they really are but it gives us something to debate.


Excellent answer 28lx. If you don’t feel right carrying it, and leave it at home, it won’t do you much good. My standard carry is a compact 1911, and I haven’t left her at home in years. I started to leave her one day, but she cried so hard I just had to take her with me…


I love me some 40