Official caliber war thread(Handguns)


my brother carried a Glock chambered in the 357 Sig, hell of a good round! only problem was every time we went out to practice he wasn’t able to find any on the Shelf at the stores back then. not sure of its availability nowadays at your local store


I have a .357 sig conversion kit for my p250
I have used it a few times it’s a great round just exspensive to shoot I don’t stock that round much


Interesting, but I truly believe that there is a difference, a 300fps difference. That can mean a lot in a few different scenarios.
You can always ways go to 9mm +p, or +P+, and be neck and neck with 357sig or better!


the reason 9mm has become the choice now is becasue of it’s recoil impluse, you start making it more extreme and now it starts becomeing unshootable
Case in point the 380 ACP was the recorded leader in defensive use (fatal) and it would all stem from shot placement and on taarget rounds.
If I am able to put 5 or six out of six versus 2 out of 14 than I would go with the one that hits the target.


Very true.
I don’t notice much difference between the two. To me it’s like shooting the Tokarev.


Factory or aftermarket front sight? I like it!


XS Big dot sight.
They are good for quick draw, but for being accurate at distances I prefer something else.


Thank you sir👍


Ive got the regular dot.


Excellent close-range sight Big Dot


Very nice!


So as an excuse to bump this very entertaining thread, what are some of the most effective 9mm rounds? How about for .40 and .45 acp?

Ive shot pig heads, 2x4s and cinder blocks and the .45 almost always does more damage to these targets. Ive never seen a 9mm penetrate any of these targets better than .45 acp yet I keep hearing it penetrates better.


Some of the guys at our range like the Lehigh Xtreme Penetrator


I like IMI 9mm di-cut for penetration, Not expansion.


@switchpod IMI 9mm Interesting vid wonder how it does against a windshield or other barriers.


Local gun shop owner showed me those and he says it is all he is carrying in his edc. Looked good to me but I didn’t buy any.


Good question!

Not as good as .50 BMG?


Usually get better deals online anyway.


Midway has been putting this on sale quite often .