Oh sh%t! which one?


Out of nowhere, all hell has broke loose in your area! There’s no doubt, its time to bug out! There’s no time to load up the wagon as you’ve planned in your head a million times before. You grab your go bag & only have time to grab 1 weapon! What weapon is that???


I’m grabbing my tavor in 5.56.I got plenty of loaded p mags in my go bag.its small & maneuverable & dependable.


@LonewolfMcQuade, I’m staying put I’m not going anywhere I’m dug in deep and well fortified! I’m fighting it out where I stand, I have too large of a family, there’d be no way for me to protect my family out on the open road I’m staying put!


Doest necessarily have to be shtf. What about flooding or wildfires…


The flood I got covered six person inflatable class V Rapids, wildfire wouldn’t be relevant in my area no chance of it happening.


Are you choosing a firearm to take with you?


I’m wearing one (my EDC M&P 9 Shield & spare mag in a hip pocket sheath) so do I get to grab a second? And already two spare magazines and a 50 box in the SUV.

If I’m home with my guns, family, dog, food stores, land (high ground), water supply (two streams and a well), comfy bed, armed neighbors I know and trust . . . why leave in a panic with no destination in mind?

But, OK, I’ll play, Evacuation because of brush fires . . . the one I would grab is my Mike Brooks English fowler flintlock. Just because it’s about the most valuable carryable object I own. :wink:


In a hypothetical fantasy type situation, shotgun!


I personally would prefer to bug in. But I do have a plan B if forced out. Ideally, I have everything i need in containers. I would need about 10-15 minutes to load up the supply containers & weaponry & head out to 1 of 3 preselected locations.


Why only one gun?

Personally, I wouldn’t pack only 1 gun in my go bag. Still, I have a go bag with:

Ruger Redhawk .44 mag 4" barrel
Ruger SP101 .357 mag 2.25" barrel
Bond Arms Snake Slayer .45/.410 4.25" barrel


I was just curious if someone only had time to grab 1 weapon, what would they choose. I chose what I thought to be an all around good utility weapon. Wanted to see what others would choose. Just a thought provoking question.


I would grab an AR15 and a pistol.


Gotta take my Star BM.


I agree with those who prefer to bug-in. Where would I go and why would I leave the comfort and familiarity of my own home and neighborhood? Wouldn’t it be better to stay and defend? I guess it all depends on the situation.

Anyway, I’d be torn between my M1 Garand, AR-15, Maverick 88 or Winchester Model 12. The AR-15 would probably be the easiest to carry, especially with the lighter ammo, and easier to take apart, maintain and find spare parts for. Either shotgun would be easy to find and buy 12 gauge shells for, but the Maverick would be easier to find parts for. I guess I’d choose the AR15, though, as it seems more practical given the situation.


In a local bug out situation (say the brush fire scenario) I’ll assume its limited duration and just take my edc and 4 - 5 spare mags.
If a longer bug out I’d grab my AR as well as my EDC.

The truck already has some water and first aid. (I’m in So. Cal. Earthquake central, so already mostly prepped.).



Okay. Fair enough.

I have done a LOT of thinking about what gun I would choose if it came down to just 1 gun. Conclusion: Don’t let it get down to just 1 gun. All guns have purposes in the mind of the designer (and buyer). Some guns can handle multiple purposes. But, no gun (that I am aware of), handles all purposes well. So, I would always want to have more than 1 gun. My go bag certainly attests to that. Even on short driving trips, I prefer to carry at least 2 guns (typically a semiauto handgun and a revolver). The one thing I really need to improve on is the number of rounds I carry (almost always under 100 total). As we may not know in advance when SHTF will occur, if I am on one of my road trips when SHTF occurs, I would be very sorry I had such a low round count.

For more serious evacuations, I have my go bag (thinking about adding a semiauto handgun to that).


Clearly “Bug” out has more than one meaning. Driving through the Ca. Central Valley last night we had a bug out situation. Not sure any gun would have helped.


I’m staying put. Where I built my cabin is my “bug out location”. Fresh water source, use a well, cabin on backup power, plenty of fuel stored and conditioned, garden, chickens, wild game, nearby neighbors are just as self sufficient, etc…

The problem with most “bug out” locations is that for a short term, fine. Long term, not very realistic. Especially trying to go solo. In a real SHTF scenario where we see a long term break down of society, services, and infrastructure, single individuals very likely won’t last very long.

Now to your question. My “oh sh%t which one” becomes a plural “ones”. For extended ranges (300-700 yards/meters) then my MK12 build using 77g Razorcore is my choice. 0-300, then the AK, SKS, AR, ARAK, etc… are fine. Of course this is dealing with the two legged threat/predators. Hunting purposes my trusty 30-06, 264 Win Mag, or one of the 12 gauges will work fine. If I need to worry about putting a hurt on hostile victors then the Garand or M1A make a good choice. Of course one of my pistols will be on me at all times.

For me it’s all about METT-T. Add to that, find some like minded individuals (not some crazed anti-government “militia” types either) who believe in being properly prepared, outfitted, and trained for a “all hell broke loose” scenario. Always keep in mind that society will recover, government (of some form) will resurface and morally corrupt activities (plundering, murder, general hooliganism) will sooner or later be dealt with.


:rofl: Ah, if only we could see the permanent end of politicians and the return of citizen representatives.


Grab one weapon? That would be my “go-box”, which has ALL my no-EDC weapons in it, along with all their ammo & cleaning crap. The G43 is always with me anyhow, so… Yeah, that too.