Ok, I found the hidden tunnel.


Hello all:

This forum is certainly different than any other public forum that I have used. This one seems to dare new members to use it rather than invite them.
In any event, I hope that this venture succeeds.
By the way, has anyone noticed that the gif playing in the corner depicting the loading and discharge process of a pistol cartridge shows the bullet striking the target with the cartridge casing still attached?

ETA: I see that the casing isn’t attached.


We’re a firearms forum so weeding out the low intellect is paramount



Must not be a 1911 animation or it would have jammed.


I see that there isn’t any point to continuing to use these “discussion” forums.


Why do you say that? Its just light hearted humor.




Well, I hate seeing noobs leave but:


What the hell was that? Another 14 year old Call of Duty Pro? I know it is winter but must we see so many snowflakes?



Valentines is tomorrow…
we YELL!


In that case this is my contribution for tomorrow, I will be busy and might not be able to enjoy full 30.




Did the new guy jump overboard? We just started the cruise!:sunglasses:




Basic training


@Robert Air Force BMT… they make them wear mouth guards now??? Maybe that’s what that kid needs.


The animation I see doesn’t have the case attached.
Looks like the back of the bullet just has some ridges.

Welcome to the cave!!!


People just need to toughen up a little and laugh it off. If this offended him then he would really hate to be involved in some of the other conversations we have.

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