Ok, I found the hidden tunnel.




Welcome to Full30 forum @Maddogkiller Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Not sure what happened here?


I blame @LonewolfMcQuade , he is a real poofter.


Maybe he had a similar experience with other sites!!


He is the poofter from other sites, Robert took him in as a refugee.

Kidding of course. This is my favorite forum, its pretty unique and has a cool layout.


Yeah…I really like it, I’m hoping they come out with an app version for ease of access…


By app version, do you mean on a mobile? The site does work on mobile devices. You just need to log in. It’s formatted for mobiles automatically. :smiley: Cheers!


@EQuinn…yes I do mean app version but as a downloadable app like some of the other sites like reddit…I am using it on my mobile but it would be nice as an app for the ease of not having to log on, replies and messaging would be much easier…just saying for the future!!


:thinking: Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve only logged in once. It stays logged in. Even if you close the browser. But I guess an app might be good.


The problem arises when I’m at work. Since their policies won’t allow me to log on using their internet because the type of fine forum this is, I have to get off WIFi and then log back on to the site…An app would rid this issue ( I’m sure most big companies have similar policies when using their WIFI)


Ah, yes. But I always keep WiFi off on my phone. :+1:t2:


Me too, our work wifi stinks and I imagine they monitor what it is being used for.


Welcome and WTF?

See. The screening process works.

And what is this pistol .gif? I see a MSR with a can being fired. But I still stick around. :wink: