OK, this bill is just wow, WTF




fhew, I feel safer already


So this is what communism looks like…


Me too, really enforces my wearing a football helmet and life jacket around Wal Mart.




Florida is fast becoming one of those states I can use that saw on…
Cut it loose and let it float away.
I would be good with Alabama Georgia Mississippi Louisiana and Texas becoming the SE gulf states.


I think Bugs Bunny did that in a cartoon.


Its to the point now I have to drive north to visit a southern state


Florida is Dixie’s California.


(3) Any firearm that is possessed or used by a minor in
59 violation of this section shall be promptly seized by a law
60 enforcement officer and disposed of in accordance with s.
61 790.08.




This may be a good visual aid for basic Civics class. :nerd_face:


^ What he said.


Wow. I see violations to several constitutional amendments in the summary alone…1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 14th. Probably more if I read the entire text.


That’s easy for you to say. You bought it all and the means to store it.:rofl:


LMAO, I left you a little…



Thanks for sharing this with us.

OMG! I can’t believe how crazy this bill is!

So, violation occurs, who are they going to arrest - the minor, or the parent(s), or both?

So much for Florida being the “Gun Shine State” !!!


See how Florida was so close to electing a POS? Georgia too? Virginia is LOST.
The deadbeats and scumbags will out breed us then out vote us.
Just look at a demoncrap city. Lets use my hometown of Newark NJ
Newark has destroyed EVERY “Mayberry” like city and town around it with crime, violence and murder. We went from open doors in the 60’s to bars on windows by 1990.
Demoncrap “leadership” failure 101.
Gotta say owning the media gives the dnc stooges the ability to hide their shit shows while blaming us law abiding firearm owners for the sins of their genetic defect constituents.




Wowwww… just when I thought politicians couldn’t possibly get and dumber. :roll_eyes: