OKC Police Chief: "The more guns you have, the more deaths you're going to have."



What a fucktard.


He means in the demonrat ghettos because he couldn’t possibly have missed this:




Study finds I allow stupid people to live due to not wanting to loose 75k in collectable firearms.


some of what is said I agree with. Most people have no idea how or when to react. A little traing goes a long way. I know I thought I knew it all. I took some course and realise I still have a lot to learn.
As far as the carry law creating more crime. Well in my opinion hes an idiot


The libtards down here spewed out the same old shit when AZ went to constitutional carry a number of years ago…blood in the streets, dead babies everywhere, the Wild West all over again…cats and dogs making love, bla, bla, blah.
It never changes.


You know that Kansas and Missouri are constitutional carry and we have had no problems. Most people that were going to carry already did and the few who did not just keep a gun in the car or truck.


The Police Chief is retiring in May.
So since the chief is an appointed official it is time to put pressure on the City Manager Craig Freeman and the City Council (who appoints the manager and are elected) to appoint a new chief that reflects your views.

As stated before.
Step Up or Shut Up.