Okie gauges is no more, what to do now to check headspace for my Mosins?


The proprietor of Okie Gauges has passed away and so his business is no more. I’ve read the other gauges are cheap crap so what are my options? Or should I just have a gunsmith check my headspace on both my Mosins and be done with it?


Check midway. They should have some.


Checking now! Appreciated.

Checked and no dice. Any where else? The ones on Brownells site aren’t getting good reviews.


Check some gunsmithing sites. They should have some. Just Google 54r no go gauge and you should find some.


I tried that last night and came up with those I found that aren’t rated well. I’ll try some gun smithing sites though, hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!


Ugh, everyone is out of stock even on the Firewerks gauges. Shit, I need to get these checked.


You can order from Wilson tools ,cashmere wa they are old school nice people and they have all the gauges and tools!:grinning:


Ok going over there now! Thanks.


Furthermore these are quality benchrest gauges(old school) I’ve a set for 270 head space and case gauge handy if your reloading!


They didn’t have the gauges for the 7.62x54r. :frowning:


Hey just an idea,if you do a search useing a statement rather than question ie these are the best headspace gauges ever ,you come up with interesting results! Worth a try😁


That I did try and most of the results pointed to the names of them and to the sites I already checked.

I’m going to check local shops and gunsmiths next. One local gunsmith didn’t have a gauge for that cartridge. Haha.


When Todd Griffith (owner of Okie) was alive he did a awesome job putting out the little disc type guages considering how many health problems he was battling. He despised the other disc type guages being made out of stainless steel because he felt that they copied his guages. I don’t think he ever had a patent so that can happen. Any way, they are available on eBay I believe and should work fine. I’ll check and see if I can get a link.
Regards, Russell


Well darn I don’t see anything on eBay. They must have quit. I think they were call Fireworx or something.


Ok here ya go. Www.firewerks.net


Thanks Bunkysdad. I found them yesterday but they are all sold out. :frowning:

I’ll keep checking eBay and Amazon for them or someone with Okie gauges to be in stock.