Okie Texan


How do you know if a feller I saw from Texas? Easy, just wait a minute and he’ll tell ya.

Well, been in Green Country for about a decade now after being born, raised and starting a career in Texas.

Found this place because of @MAC videos on the other video hosting web app.

Like to buy firearms, shoot, do some reloading but mainly like to look and learn as much as possible on this huge subject of arms.




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Welcome from Texas.




Welcome @GlockPride
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Enjoy the newly found haven for people with common sense.


HI @GlockPride
Our family name on my mom’s side was changed because apparently it was not Texan enough. When my great grandfather moved here and started school as a small tike, the teacher told him that “Fellows” (his last name) was not correct, and made him change his name to “Fellers”. To this day, that is the family name now, Fellers. Don’t mess with Texas or Texans!
What part of Texas are you from?


Welcome @GlockPride


Welcome! Stick around, you’ll like it here.


Welcome to Full30! Nice to have you here.


Welcome from Ky


Well, kinda around here and there. Predominantly around DFW and the Austin area, but spent about 4 years south of Houston and the parents own a place around Lake a Fork in East Texas.


Howdy…I’m from Texas. :wink:
I got family in Oklahoma to boot.