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I set up my Full30 account when YT started their massacre of gun related uploaders. I pulled all of my shooting related vids down from YT and my income has doubled from them. It’s almost as if they were steering viewers away from my channel! Chainsaws and old engines my standbys, and chainsaw vids are the money makers. The Mrs. and I shoot regularly at the Carmi (IL) Rifle Club on Thursday nights. During the summer we shoot steel and we move inside during the winter. We have both done several Appleseeds, and we taught my wife’s mother to shoot with us. She was an enthusiastic steel plate shooter. Teaching a handicapped senior to shoot can be a daunting task, but Patti brought no bad habits with her and she was safety-minded.

We live on a farm with timber and have to keep varmints at bay, so firearms are a daily part of our lives. We recently retired and hope to spend more time shooting and making videos of our activities.

Video Link: Old Ammo


Welcome to Full30, or I should say welcome back. We’ve made a lot of changes since you were here last. More good stuff and good people. Hope you stick around and enjoy.


Welcome to Full30 @Knucklebuster44 Good to have you here. @full30nick is the guy you want to butter up to get a channel approved here.

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Great intro @Knucklebuster44
Great to have you back around here!


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Welcome to full30


Welcome (back) to Full30, Knucklebuster44.

Hope you enjoy it here and makes lots of videos and money.




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Welcome to Full30…:slightly_smiling_face:


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welcome to full-30 brother.


Welcome to the FULL30 crew and your family as well


Welcome to the forum!