Old product new producer


i have been a gunsmith and machinist since 2010 and have been considering restarting the star line of pistols. the company was in business in spain from 72 to 92 can anyone tell me what i need to do to get manufacturing rights ?


Just a guess here, but talking to a lawyer would be a good start. My guess is it would depend on patents.


Holy shit dude. I LOVE Star pistols. As long as you don’t price it too high once our kid is born and I’m allowed to buy more guns I’ll get one if you’ve got it figured out by then.


plus 1 on Tactical reviews comment. find out who has the rights on those patents currently and purchase them. If that is to much of a pain in the rear just start up a company that builds clones of the star pistol. Look at PTR or Hill and Mac guns all those company’s are doing good! Good luck Brother!


I hope this comes to fruition for you! I wouldn’t mind having a copy of my Star 1911 in 9mm Parabellum. Something I could shoot and save the historical piece for display.


i know the feeling dude . used to have star model b i think. serial number was 000669 so a very early model. wound up having to sell it to pay bills to a coworker who was little more than a hood rat , who i seriously doubt had any appreciation for the history of it.


That hurts my heart. :frowning: I just hope it wasn’t tossed away or trashed. Maybe we got lucky and he pawned it and one of us kind of people bought it.


Just curious are you thinking of making just spare parts or the entire pistols? I’d have to agree with Tactical_Reviews getting the right lawyer to look over any details would be a good start. Best of luck to you. :slight_smile:



Keep us updated brother!


Youve probably got your fingers crossed for this one.


You betcha!

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