Old School Rimfire Revolver

It was nice to finally get out and put some rounds through this “new to me” revovler. I think it was a pretty good find in the LGS.


I have my dads 676 or is it a 686 in 12 inch . It shoots great . Finish isn’t the best anymore due to age and the fact Dad wasn’t the best at Gun care but it means more to me that some that cost 10 times that much.
I am taking it squirrel hunting next week !


I have a H&R 949 hanging on my dining room wall that’s very similar. Got it in a package deal along with a Colt GCNM. First time I took it to the range it broke. Had it fixed (before I worked on my own firearms) and haven’t shot it since.


The old H&R that was my Dads is one of the best shooting 22long/WMR ya ever seen I cant even start to count the amount of rounds that been through that thing. I used to tote it around Coon hunting and my dad would throw the spot light on em and I would shoot em out with it . I used to practice by setting small rocks on top of fence post and shooting them off. Used to take it hunting for whistlepigs also . Usually right after he did the hay (big round bales) I would sit down beside or behind one and use them as a blind of sorts for shooting those distructive vermin.