Old School Ruger P Series Nostalgia


I have a video dropping soon that will feature my old school Rugers, the P90 and the P89. I have had both for well over a decade and while they are not a flashy or refined as a lot of modern pistol, they get it done, they are built like tanks and I have never had one second of trouble out of either. How else here likes the old school P series?


I had a P90 in the mid-1990’s. It was very reliable, comfortable to shoot, and affordable. I didn’t care for the trigger, though.


This was my last one…just sold it a couple of months ago P95DC
They are great guns…I just never shot or carried it anymore. Prefer my Glocks now.
I did do a very subtle stippling job on it because those suckers are slicker than a greased weasle!


so the lawyer speak didn’t help :thinking:


you are right about the grips, no way to put the aftermarkets on that one either which sucks


yep, i address that just a little in the upcoming video. honestly i think they were long and heavy with a crappy reset on purpose. remember during the time these were dreamed up Ruger was playing an awful lot of footsie with the anti firearm elements of our government.


i don’t follow


did the lawyer drivel on the side of the frame add to or improve on the slipperiness?


Oh…definitely added to it :sunglasses:


The first centerfire handgun I fired was a P89 which belonged to my cousin.


Had a P85 years ago. Sold it years ago. Never a problem with it though. Recommend by Gun Tests Magazine at the time.