Old School Ruger P Series Nostalgia


I have a video dropping soon that will feature my old school Rugers, the P90 and the P89. I have had both for well over a decade and while they are not a flashy or refined as a lot of modern pistol, they get it done, they are built like tanks and I have never had one second of trouble out of either. How else here likes the old school P series?


I had a P90 in the mid-1990’s. It was very reliable, comfortable to shoot, and affordable. I didn’t care for the trigger, though.


This was my last one…just sold it a couple of months ago P95DC
They are great guns…I just never shot or carried it anymore. Prefer my Glocks now.
I did do a very subtle stippling job on it because those suckers are slicker than a greased weasle!


so the lawyer speak didn’t help :thinking:


you are right about the grips, no way to put the aftermarkets on that one either which sucks


yep, i address that just a little in the upcoming video. honestly i think they were long and heavy with a crappy reset on purpose. remember during the time these were dreamed up Ruger was playing an awful lot of footsie with the anti firearm elements of our government.


i don’t follow


did the lawyer drivel on the side of the frame add to or improve on the slipperiness?


Oh…definitely added to it :sunglasses:


The first centerfire handgun I fired was a P89 which belonged to my cousin.


Had a P85 years ago. Sold it years ago. Never a problem with it though. Recommend by Gun Tests Magazine at the time.


my very first pistol i bought when i turned 21 was a p89. i shot several thousands of rounds through it without a single malfuntion if i remember rite. its the pistol i used for my ltc class long ago. still have that tank hidding in the safe. need to take it out and put sum rounds through it soon. its a large heavy pistol but goes bang every single time you want it to and thats what counts at the end of the day


Another Glock killer that failed at killing Glock. I had an SR9, it was a great little pistol. I lke the new security 9s too, great little budget guns.


in what world was the P series designed to compete with Glock? that was never an intent of Ruger… now S&W, yeah, Glock gave them fits. I am not a fan at all of he SR or the new security. modern Ruger auto loaders are just lacking something. all that said, there is a reaons there are so many designs out there, different strokes for different folks i guess


I agree I find the safety on the Sr rugers to be crap


my very first pistol I bought 30 years ago when I was 21. I still have it. Its actually my favorite. Its an old friend to me so to speak. My p95dc.


Alot of people called it a “Glock killer” , from what little I shot the p series it was a good pistol. I wasnt saying anything bad about it. I liked the SR9 and security 9 for what they are, affordable budget friendly pistols. All Rugers are pretty much overbuilt ,crude pistols, imo. The American was the only one I didnt care for.


yeah, wasn’t offended in any way, didn’t take it as hate. i have just read a ton of books about Glock and the history. they had many companies trying to out do them over the years but Ruger wasn’t one of them. so not sure where that little nickname came from, i have actually never heard it until now. i have heard it about other pistols though. anyway, yeah agree on the american too, ruger has done some cool things lately but i think they are still way behind the curve with their auto loaders at this point. but hey, just gives us something to potentially look forward to later i guess.


I would be happy with them focusing on giving us a mini in .308 and more wheel gun options.lol


i don’t see the mini in 308 happening just because of the action, seems it would be a crazy redesign but differently are caliber options that could be done.