Oldest Rifle you still shoot


Thought this would be good since there is Still in Service thread.

Mine is a 1910 M-96 Swedish Mauser 6.5 x 55


Winchester P17, wonderful old war horse.
EDIT: March 1918 date on the barrel.


Oldest Shooter - 1918 No1. MK III*


1891 Mosin-Nagant (dated 1893 with the old hex receiver)

1898 Springfield (unsporterized) .30 US. (.30-40 Krag)

Though not very often.


Not surplus but a remington model 14.


either my grandfathers speedmaster 552 I think it is. He had these when he ran rifle range on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Shoots 22 shorts only. That or my other Grandfathers Remington model 11 that Remington says was carried in Vietnam as I was told by my grandfather before I bought it from him. Shoots 2 3/4 only. It still has the markings from the government and is marked military finish what ever that means


1915 M-96 Swedish Mauser 6.5x55. Will easily touch man-size steel out to 600+ yds (my experience, iron sights) and I understand they are still used in F-Class Long Range and 1,000 yd competitions. Has a great rear Tangent Sight. :sweden: ::rocket:



1933 M91/30 Mosin, one of my favorite rifles to shoot and reload for.


M1 Garand


I am seeing rifles mentioned but no dates.
When were they manufactured (more or less)?


My model 14 was made in 1919.


My rifle was made 1973, shit, wrong forum😳


it’s oldest not newest…


Edited the post for you, March 1918 on the P17.