One AR15 for everything from 0-600 yards.


I was just trying to be realistic


I’ve shot groundhogs out to 600 yards this my 556. I would not shoot it larger game unless I had a larger bullet 77 grain or something. but I think that would work on deer etc…


Frank Proctor (the guy in the video) can shoot alot further than that and has. Look up his credentials, former Green Beret with combat experience and holds a Grandmaster ranking in USPSA and 3 gun. He dosnt speak out of his ass, he has sent people to hell on a two way range.


ok, ok, so there are some really great shots out there that can accomplish marvelous things.

Sorry, I am not one of them and neither is anyone I know, personally.

So, from my standpoint, all my points remain the same. For Proctor, et al, good for them. For the rest of us, probably better off changing rifles when going from groundhogs to deer.


He holds classes training people to hit targets out to 500+ yards with an AR, so Does hundreds of other people. Its a matter of practice, 5.56 , to me, is less then ideal out past 3-400 yards but I still wouldnt mind getting into precision shooting with one and experimenting with handloads. Why would the SPR even exist in the military unless it had a role? Thats for killing people though, not so much animal hunting.


I appreciate all the points in this conversation
My main point is comparing a civilian shooter to a trained operator that years of field experience and has consistently shot a particular weapon hundreds of thousand times with unlimited supply of ammunition to train
Target aqquisition at even 3-400 yards is difficult for a civilian bench shooter
Punching holes in paper on a bench rest is one thing
Real life a completely diffrent one
5.56 was developed as a intermediate cartridge because soilder son real world combat with full power battle cartridges were in effective out past 3-400 yards and was a general waste
Real life engagements happen in seconds not minutes and the time it takes to make a shot at a distance of 600 yards or more is ludicrous


I think 2-4 moa out to 300 yards is a pretty good standard for any type of marksmanship training with a carbine.

The smaller intermediate rounds (5.56, x39 etc) have a huge advantage within 200 yards though. With modern ammo the military uses the the 5.56 out to 800 yards or more, the SPR is proof of that. It is still not ideal or they wouldnt have .308s still being used.


550 yards on a prairie dog measured by a quality laser range finder.


Does your laser range finder always work


It is my brothers and yes it always works if you have a hard target like a rock the prairie dog was standing on.

I practice at 300 yards all the time and my AR was custom built(by myself) for accuracy at distance. Using hand loads it is sub MOA, will put the first 4-5 rounds in the same hole at 100 yards. Then barrel heat starts to string the pattern vertically at first then it broadens after 20 rounds… yes I tested it to see how it would react with a hot barrel

100 yards, 6 inch splatter target(so I can see it in the scope), cheap Federal American Eagle 55 grain ball, 15 shots each target, cold left hot right


@JohnB, The concept of the article and video is/are not about deer hunting, 560 foot-pounds of energy at 500 yards, that’s a pretty respectable number.


“Everything”? I guess if all you need do is pierce paper or ring gongs.

My .223 Rem is a single shot and it does as well as the cartridge can. Great for varmints and barnyard predators.

But I wouldn’t hunt our local whitetail with it at any range.



Yes, 560 ft lbs can kill a person (think .357 magnum, 4 inch barrel, muzzle energy!), but again, the article made it sound like it was a “do all” rifle. Sorry, I just don’t buy that. But, yes, pretty flexible in terms of what it can do.


For medium sized game to 500 yards it is fine. I use mine for coyotes also. There I limit shots to under 300 yards to get a clean kill. Past that I don’t think it carries enough energy. But I am using 1:9 twist and top out at 62 grains for a bullet weight… why the 1:9? To match my Savage Axis. AR precision loads also work well(I got lucky there!) in the Axis.



what medium sized game are you shooting at 500 yards with a 5.56?

how many shots are you having to take to actually bring the animal down?


Fox mainly at that range. They aren’t that big, still enough energy to do the job.


Well, MaryB, you are obviously a good shot, but personally, I would not call Fox medium sized game. I was thinking more like deer or similar.


deer in North America is considered large game… at least in MN… but here a 200pound deer is common…


ok, thx, MaryB. I guess I have a different perspective on size.


Do-all maybe for combat. As in up close out to 600 yards against humans. I dont think Proctor is a deer hunter, he was a face shooter. He has real experience against humans not theoretical statistics.