One hand gun manipulation with weak hand

Are you able to manipulate your gun with only one hand?


Good video. I shoot terribly with my weak hand and need to practice more.

When shooting strong hand (with my right), I focus with my dominant eye (also right eye). Should I switch the focus to my left eye when shooting left handed? Main reason I ask is because most archers say it’s best to shoot a traditional bow left handed when focusing with the left eye, and vice-versa when shooting a bow right handed. Something about better alignment of the eye and arrow shaft. But I don’t know if the same applies to shooting handguns?

Someone else mentioned to me that it’s easier to shoot one-handed when raising the thumb upwards. I noticed a slight improvement in accuracy when doing so, but not sure if that’s a temporary fix?

I noticed in your video that when you shoot right handed, your stance is more forward facing, but when shooting left handed, your stance was more sideways. Does it matter? Is it a matter of personal preference?


This popped back up. I still suck at shooting left hand. I need to do more dry fire practice and range time with my left hand. I did discover that shooting using my left or right eye doesn’t matter, though. It’s my trigger control I need to work on.