One is weaker than the other, do you really want to find out which is which?


Yesterday my wife took me in for some medical tests. It was a long day, nearly passed out, felt sick, and hatted it. While many things were tested, mainly my physical limitations, my heart was not on the list beyond pulse and blood pressure. But yet, this happened. Caught us all off guard.



I hope you get to feeling much better.


I on the other hand did not have a test today,first day this week though?
Frickin hate hospitals .vampires!


wow, redlemur. sorry you are going thru so much pain and grief. hope you get to feeling much better soon.



thanks, jf89, for the image - it is hilarious!


What? I’m confused. What are you asking.


Huh…watchu talkin’ bout Robert??


OK, that’s weird, how is it I can edit that post? It’s not my post. I’ve never seen that before.


I dont even know whats going on?


Learning what exactly?


I dont get what that means or what you are saying?


It’s a post we can all add to. Click the edit and you can add to it.


I cant, Guess im not one of the cool kids.


Even a ginger…good job. :+1: