One of my pet peeves being a home based FFL

One of the things that pisses me off being a home-based FFL is people sending guns without a signature required. I was out cutting the grass today and there was a package on my front porch. This is a transfer for a customer of mine and USPS simply dropped it and ran since there is no signature required. Of course, the FFL on the other side did little to protect the AK pistol that he sent and the letter carrier saw the damage to the package, dropped it and ran. Since it was no signature required, I didn’t even have the chance to challange the package damage or refuse the shipment.

People, when you ship a gun… do it right and never trust the packaging that you are shipping it in. Especially the lame glue that holds flaps down.


I’ve seen the videos where USPS, and Fed Ex and such throw and drop kick the packages. Its’ aweful.
My Fed Ex driver lies and says he attempts deliveries until the package is sent back when he never actually came to my house. We just busted him on this the other day.

He’s also left my packages waaaaayyy out by the road like trash for anyone to pick up instead of bringing them up my driveway. And he’s left them in the rain way out there and I never knew they were sitting out getting ruined.

The only carrier we never have a problem with is UPS.

How are you going to handle this one?


I don’t quite know how I am going to handle this one yet. USPS uses contract employees to deliver to my place. My (contract) letter carrier for over 13 years just retired. It took me a few months to “train” them. The turning point was when they left a couple of boxes that contained a total of 20 police trade-in Glocks out on top of the mailbox (which is about mile away). When I talked to them about it, they crapped themselves and I had not had a problem since.

The new letter carrier left notes in all of our mailboxes with her cell and email address. I am considering sending her an email first and see how that goes.


I wish my carrier would retire. Currently I have it set up with her to leave ALL packages in town at the post office for me to pick up as she failed to deliver and would drive around with them day after day claiming they were undeliverable because of my viscous dogs. Yeah. right.


USPS straight up is a mess. The mail carriers we’ve had here in the last 8 years have been abhorrent. We constantly have to check the post office for packages because they couldn’t be bothered.


Have you seen the ones where a driver is busted and their house is busting at the seems with stolen loot?

I’ve had 1k lot boxes of ammo disappear mid shipment, no trace, just gone

signature required? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


This happened to my new BCG. It appeared that the box was run over by a forklift or something. The gas key punctured through the box and was visibly damaged. Bravo Company was awesome and they sent me a replacement the same day, but it was still frustrating.

Luckily, the local USPS employees in my town are pretty good. I’ve heard that new hires and contract employees are paid much less these days. Like anything else in life, they get what they pay for.


If you’re ordering something online, and you select one of the shipping options (I usually just select the cheapest), how do you specify “signiture required”?


Some vendors offer the option at checkout. If not, you will need to call customer service because extra fees may apply.


My FFL has expressed same issue. What gets me is they just drop it at you door step and roll. I know they are hard pressed for time but surely they know its a weapon.


not always - it is just a non-descript box and hopefully not labelled firearm. Just because you know it is and the sender knows it is - doesn’t mean the carrier does.


the last picture made my heart break.

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I’ve had UPS leave my personal stuff by he road in the past. Luckily, I’ve never had this issue with business related items. I’ve only ever had one firearm ship via USPS and I have a large mailbox that accommodated the handgun. Almost all of my distributors use FedEx and the three guys that ship out here know what I do and are very careful not to leave packages in a questionable location even if they aren’t signature required…just in case. So, I’m pretty lucky. But, I completely agree with the original post. ALWAYS send guns requiring a signature.