One Suppressor for all AR15 556 & KelTec 9mm & M&P Shield 9mm? Suggestions?

Need one suppressor common to all , one tax stamp . Seek max Noise Supressiin on AR , that works for Kel tec & M&P Shield 9mm.
– Would 30 cal can work ?
– close , if not subsonic ammo for 556 ?
–Titanium expense fine , as sharing among 3 platforms .

GenTech ?
Sig ?
SilencerCo ?

All suggestions appreciated with thanks .

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Personally I’d recommend the SilencerCo Hybrid. Their customer service is top notch. I never have to worry about if I ruin my can because worst case is I have to wait another waiting period and pay the $200 tax… But I’m not out the money of the suppressor.

SilencerCo has also been a big player in educating the general public on the realism of suppressors. Before they really started pushing education, a lot of people thought silencers were completely illegal and unobtainable. They’ve helped several states get suppressors legal. I like to support them to help continue that kind of education.

Also I could be wrong but I believe the Hybrid handles bigger cartridges than the Gemtech.

30 cal would not work for 9mm. You’d ruin your can. The reason for this is because 9mm is a bigger diameter than 30 cal. 30 caliber = 0.308" and 9mm = 0.355" so the 9mm wouldn’t fit through the bore of a 30 cal suppressor properly.


If you’re going to really get it hot on that AR, i don’t recomend titanium. Also, the only 30 cal can that I know of, that’s also rated for 9mm, is made by huntertown and it’s not great.
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  1. A SINGLE SUPPRESSOR QD for M&P Shield 9mm and Kel Tec 2000 Gen 2 9mm : This is now what I seek FULL30 Community input on . Suggestions make and model ? Hearing Safe is the Goal , as I have already lost partial hearing in a work place incident ( Film Making Pyro Special Effect ) .


I would have my unopened box BRAND NEW M&P SPORT II 556 to add value to this new BLACKOUT ACQUISITION, through Form Registration | Buy Sell | Trade through Gun Dealer …BASICALLY
funds or TRADE IN VALUE , from Retailer or Gun Shop .

REALIZING THE SIG MCX BLACKOUT & SIG TI SUPPRESSOR are Luxury Items I have a FATHER & SON reason. It is the Firearm my Adult son is being trained on at United States Military Academy West Point & I would like to have a Civilian common AR platform , so we can enjoy shooting sports together . @OcSpeed Thank you for the good advice

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@Armatis , Thank you for the reply RE : Silencer Co . I will be utilizing their SilencerCo EasyTrust product service . Their cans review very , very well for my technical needs . Although I seek to match Mil Spec for SIG MCX with SIG ti SUPPRESSOR , … my budget is tight and @SilencerCo @Griffen Arms have very well reviewed products on @Military Arms Channel @MAC and this could be a real budget saver on my project , so my West Point Cadet Son & I can enjoy shooting AR sports on comparable platforms. Cheers

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