Only One? Make it Number One!

Its number one, but it ain’t? WTF?

Aaron Lewis’s recent patriotic anthem “Am I the Only One” as an example of the gap between the industry and audience. Despite skyrocketing on the charts and streaming platforms, the industry has completely ignored the song, which slams left-wing activists, including those who tore statutes down during the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020. -John Rich (Big & Rich)

Do you feel like you’re the only one? We know we’re not. It is how they want us to feel though.

This song and what is happening to it, and to Aaron is symtomatic of the the destruction of our culture. Instead why don’t we make it emblomatic of us saying No! Of a new start, a stiffening of our backs, planting our feet and us leaning into the fight. Let’s start to take our culture, and our ‘Country’ back.

Let’s cancel their Totalitarian asses for a Change!

Maybe you don’t like the genre, but the words are about all of us. Make a call to your local Country Radio Station to defend free speech if the words resonate with you and your tired of being canceled.

Click, Read, & Act!


“The industry of country is, I would say, I can’t give you a percentage but let’s just say the majority is very liberal,”

I don’t think that’s true, so much so I’d tend to believe the Mandalay Bay shooting was likely intended to garner support from the Conservative Country people for gun control



They are already putting in place a system to preempt the fight back. They are using the Jan 6th uprising to push for the power to quash resistance before it can organize.


To many unanswered questions to say what that operation was about. The 2nd room. The 4th floor. One of the entire upper floors being reserved. Top floors all owned by the Saudis. Cartridge cases on top of the blood pool… Not to mention a wealthy retired accountant perp, whos girl friend was FBI and best buddy was a CIA pilot? The same guy that died mysteriously in a plane crash after strange posts with a Chicago police badge that had been missing for decades. The silence is deafening as they say…

Just for a fun rabbit trail derail, albiet probably drug induced…,-What-REALLY-Happened


Ok, I don’t mind a conspiracy theory and rabbit trails, but if its posted on a stoner site you’ve lost me, its called dope for a reason


Lol thats why the ‘drug induced’ warning. It reads like a checkout-line rag. Kinda fun but makes you go hmmm…