Open carry fishing gathering in Miami Beach




While I live in a state that is a open carry state more and more liberal minded people are moving into my AO and is changing the culture
They are offended when they see someone open carrying
Little do they realize that I’m the person that would protect there close minded asses from a mass shooting or a robbery or other such crimes
Police have become proactive towards gun owners and are automatically in the offensive when there is a armed citizen involved
This issue will only get worse as time goes on


This is why I dont open carry even though I can ,unless I am in the woods.


Wish I could be there. I open carry most of the time. However I’m not making sure my weapon is on display, I sit with it along a wall, or walk with it so it’s not easy to see. I don’t care if anyone is offended.


A Florida police officer explains the Miami Beach police Department anti-second amendment attitude.