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New member here. Glad to be on board. Just wondering what the different opinions were on a few Ammo sites, like Freedom Munitions, Ammo Alley, Octane Ammo, American Marksman, and any others that you gents/ladies can think of to comment on. Am looking for info of primarily 223/556 plinking rounds.
Thanks, john709


Do you reload ? If you do buy Federal Bulk 5.56…good brass that you will get a lot of reloads out of, If you don’t reload find something your rifles shoots well and then you have found what to buy…

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Midway just had a sale on IMI 5.56 for 24 cents a round with free shipping.

These are the sites that I use, on occasion. Just have to search around to see who is having a sale at that time.
Lucky Gunner Ammo
Ammunition Depot
Bulk Ammo
Cheaper Than Dirt


If you are just plinking, I would recommend FMJ 55 grain for your .223. If you are a reloader, I purchase a lot of my bullets and brass from a company called “Rocky Mountain Reloading”. I reload for a lot of different calibers for just shooting on my range. But if you want good hunting bullets, I would recommend Hornady. Each reloader has their preference, so look around and talk to your buddies that reload or buy their favorites.

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Ammoman.com run specials

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We just 9mm handgun ammo but we got a great deal at sgammo.com and we just got a delivery from targetsportsusa.com that was an awesome deal.


You might try:


My opinion on ammo is always make sure you have the right caliber that your gun is chambered for.


And plenty of it. :yep:


Ammoseek.com lists all the available ammo starting at the cheapest price and moves on up.


Anymore I treat ammo (and the makings also) like Gold and Silver, as a precious commodity. In fact this has been proven to be true in the last 2 years. Imagine what will happen when the manure really hits the motorised orbital impeller.


From the song Wildwood Flower:

“We just sat and waved, sittin on that sack of seeds”

Freedom seeds that is