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New member here. Glad to be on board. Just wondering what the different opinions were on a few Ammo sites, like Freedom Munitions, Ammo Alley, Octane Ammo, American Marksman, and any others that you gents/ladies can think of to comment on. Am looking for info of primarily 223/556 plinking rounds.
Thanks, john709


Do you reload ? If you do buy Federal Bulk 5.56…good brass that you will get a lot of reloads out of, If you don’t reload find something your rifles shoots well and then you have found what to buy…


Midway just had a sale on IMI 5.56 for 24 cents a round with free shipping.


These are the sites that I use, on occasion. Just have to search around to see who is having a sale at that time.
Lucky Gunner Ammo
Ammunition Depot
Bulk Ammo
Cheaper Than Dirt


If you are just plinking, I would recommend FMJ 55 grain for your .223. If you are a reloader, I purchase a lot of my bullets and brass from a company called “Rocky Mountain Reloading”. I reload for a lot of different calibers for just shooting on my range. But if you want good hunting bullets, I would recommend Hornady. Each reloader has their preference, so look around and talk to your buddies that reload or buy their favorites.


Ammoman.com run specials


We just 9mm handgun ammo but we got a great deal at sgammo.com and we just got a delivery from targetsportsusa.com that was an awesome deal.


You might try: