Opinion on Stack On security cabinet


I hope I’m posting this to the right category, but do any members here have an opinion on Stack On security cabinets for gun storage? I’ve been considering buying a 14 gun cabinet to hold most of my long arms, but I’m not sure if they’re actually decent at protecting your guns.


Just my opinion, any decent gauge steel safe that locks a firearm safely from children and helps keep an honest person honest.,will do. With enough time, any safe can be gotten into. so it’s a matter of how much you want to spend. The best safe is a safe that no one knows is even there. One cannot steal what one cannot find…



if it is bolted to the floor and wall it will slow a bad guy down just as well as a good one. Remember you get what you pay for.
Remember the time when we would store them in wooden cabinets with glass doors or hang them in rack on the wall or rear window of the truck?


Personally, I don’t that was before my time lol. I do remember hearing my dad tell me about it though.


That’s fair, thanks for the input!


Buy bigger than you think you need they won’t hold as much as they say.


I have one for the spill over from the real safe. Cheaper items go in it.
Bolted to floor and wall but it would only take me a couple minutes to force it open. Easily.
IMHO- You get what you pay for.


Yeah they work fine, but they are only a locker like you had in high school. Keep in mind that a 100lb person with a crow bar or even a hammer can get into it. Remember there is no fire protection ether.

If I may recommend an option, I would recommend a large fire proof safe bolted to the ground. Remember to get a huge one. Buy a safe you can grow into, not one you grow out of.


I use one for my airguns.
Not bad especially for the price.
But the protection provided is comparable to the price.
Not a whole lot.
The best arrangement I’ve seen is a good quality real safe, bolted securely to the building, with a stack on inside.
Very discouraging to a thief.
Just when he thinks he’s in, he ain’t.
Yuk Yuk.


^ This. My 53-gun safe is more like 30. Also buy made in the USA. Stack-On should be made in the US.


I would agree with what most of you already were suggesting, that is time is the best deterrent. Make the SOB really have to work on it like a project. Does he have the time and intellect to get inside and more, how does he know there is a safe in your house, or where in the house. That’s the time-consuming part, and crooks are lazy.
Try to be modest about your collection, keep your mouth shut.