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All right guys so here is the deal i have a lot of projects and ideas in mind that i want to do for my channel but don’t know which one to jump on first, so i thought i would consult with my full30 family to get some input. here are a few of my Options and i want you guys to tell me what you would like to see.

    1. Old School .22LR Itailian Derringer was originally nickel plated (Now is all flaking and Beat to death) i wanted to do a full restore on it. so video content would be how to strip the nickel from the surface, fix the pitting on the metal, make some custom grips for it, and refinish (Either Blued, Cerakote, or maybe even re-nickel plate.)
    1. Custom Mossberg 500. This one is pretty cool because i received the shotgun in parts in a bag back when i had my gunsmith shop, missing a ton of parts and in really poor shape, so this would be a complete overhaul.
    1. Old school Side by Side shotgun, I want to convert to a coach gun, so basically cut down the barrels, fill the void between the barrels, crown, drill and tap for new sight, and refinish both metal and wood on it, maybe do a custom cheek riser like on the fancy over and under where its integrated into the same wood.
    1. Or random gunsmithing mini tips on how to remove dents from wood stocks, how to Level a scope, etc. open to suggestions on what catches your interest.

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  1. , Have you considered making this into a poll? Would work better for your purpose.








#3 for me!


How do i make this into a Poll im kinda new to this system.




Hit the edit pencil then hit the gear icon then hit ‘build poll’. One line per option.


I like 3


I just fixed it and created the poll. Thank You Brother.


I couldn’t make up my mind I chose #2 and #3


No problem :+1:


is the mossi trigger metal?


Yes the housing is what is plastic. why?


cause if the 500 project didn’t happen I wan’t the trigger pack
(if it was metal)


lol its going to happen. the trigger packs go for cheap though, check Brownells, or ebay used.