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I hear a lot of complaints about optics planet, last order I got from them they took forever to ship it. hadn’t used them since.


I had two issues with them and no longer order from them. First issue was an order for Stag Arms’ AR buttstock, buffer tube and spring. I only got it because the price for all of that was the same for just the buttstock, even though the photo and description was for everything. Sure enough, all I got was the buttstock. Mind you, their Stag Arms buttstock had a different part number. I figured I should’ve known better given the price.

Second time was a Black Friday purchase of a Leupold scope for a super killer low price. I never got it. Turns out they sold out quickly and were on backorder. The price was so good, I decided to wait til they re-stocked. Months passed til they finally informed me they would not honor that super low price and would instead refund me my money. At least I got a refund, but to me it seems like they need some quality control with their online ordering system to avoid things like backorders, item descriptions and pricing errors.


I too am completely done with Optics Planet now. Besides the issue I had with my last purchase, they sent me a 15% off coupon that turned out to be an epic fail:

The coupon had no restrictions (even in the fine print), but was set to expire in a couple of days. I spent a good bit of time finding the parts I needed and putting them in my cart. I enter the coupon code and initially looks like it takes. I mull over the items in my cart and realize I don’t need one item so I remove it. When the cart refreshes it tells me I’m no longer eligible for this promo code because the cart is literally like 35 cents short of a $200 purchase requirement. I’m like, WTH… there’s no limit restriction on the coupon!!! So anyway, I go out and throw a $1 sticker in the cart. Guess what happens next… FAIL! Now it’s telling me none of the items in my cart qualify for this particular promo code. NONE OF THEM!!!

At this point I’ve had it. I empty the entire cart, unsubscribe from their emails, and go buy what I need elsewhere.

When the unsubscribe asks why I no longer want to receive promo emails from them I state, “Tired of deceptive business practices.


Yer so sexy when yer mad. :heart_eyes:


That’s a bummer. I ordered my first red dot from them. Their website listed a competitive price, but also said “Enter email address to receive additional coupons” or something to that effect. So, I entered my email and received a coupon in my inbox for a really good discount. I placed the order and received the item quickly. No problems. However, I had to unsubscribe from their mailing list because they were emailing too much junk every day. LOL




Optics planet/devor ordered some things from them years ago. I lived 1 state away and never received my stuff in less than 1 week after they said it was shipped. Over a week to go less than 200 miles. Pony Express did better than that. Good prices yep. Not good enough service to keep me as a customer.