Oregon bill would cap magazines to 5 rds, ration ammo to 20 rds/month




Looks like a job for Uncle Tony.
Made a nice living selling Delaware cigarettes in NY and NJ for fun profit and F***ing the government out of it’s extortion $$$


So…we can offer rounds to the IDPA matches?

Otherwise, 3 months to save for one match…?


If you shoot perfect. I’ve done 250+ round matches. Six stages with one qualifier


If I lived in Idaho I would be making a mint…setup at a flea market right on Oregon line…cash and carry baby…no ppwk…


If the bastion of Liberal, socialist, Democrats acts on this Bill with those limits, then I know why I’m not moving to Oregon. :worried::crazy_face:


Me thinks the left coast is too close to China, it seems a lot of folks think they are good for the world. The Government I mean. I can not complain about the people, for one of them is sleeping in me bed.