Oregon HB3223


I got this info from the NRAs update emails.

" sponsored by Representative Carla Piluso (D-50), would ban semi-automatic handguns, rifles, and shotguns of certain listed models or with any listed features. These cosmetic features do not fundamentally alter how a semi-automatic firearm operates. Those who own these firearms prior to the ban would be required to register them with the state police, transfer them out of state, transfer them to law-enforcement, or render them inoperable within one year. In addition, there would be a one-size-fits-all requirement for how these banned firearms must be reported if lost or stolen, further victimizing gun owners who have suffered a loss or theft of their property.

This bill joins the constantly growing list of anti-gun legislation introduced in Oregon this session. As previously reported, some of the more egregious bills that have already been filed include the following:

House Bill 2251, filed at the request of Governor Kate Brown, would define many commonly owned semi-automatic firearms as “assault rifles,” prohibit young adults under the age of 21 from receiving such defined “assault rifles,” require firearm transfers be delayed for up to 30 days for the Oregon State Police to conduct background checks, and impose stiff criminal penalties for those who allow a minor to access a firearm.

Senate Bill 275, sponsored by Senator James Manning (D-7) and Representative Salinas, and House Bill 2505, sponsored by Representative Barbara Smith Warner (D-45), would include language from the failed Initiative Petition 44 of 2018. It would restrict the right to self-defense by imposing a one-size-fits-all requirement for the storage of firearms. Additionally, Senate Bill 817 has been introduced by Senator Ginny Burdick (D-18) and Representative Jennifer Williamson (D-36) to impose requirements for firearm storage with the penalty of a 5 year prohibition on acquiring firearms for non-compliant storage and possible fines and imprisonment.

Senate Bill 87, filed at the request of the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries, Brad Avakian, would prohibit young adults under the age of 21 from purchasing firearms and allow firearm dealers to discriminate against and refuse to sell firearms, ammunition, or firearm components to adults of any age."


Oregon is losing ground, quickly. No amount of calling a senator is going to change this. This will keep going untail it passes.


This is awful…


Fuck man. OR is just jumping off the cliff. I just don’t get how it’s happening this fast. Are there that many people in Portland / Multnomah co to override the rest of the state? I figured there is still a huge ton of center/Libertarian and conservative people. I guess they have the Seattle / King co syndrome. :frowning: Fucking disgusting.


We still have a bill gaining signatures that would make gun laws a county issue and remove the states authority on the matter. I was hoping it wouldve shown up this session but nothing so far. Also theres supposedly bills in the works granting sherriffs more authority on stuff like this, hopefully we can get these to pass before its too late.
Our sherriffs are good guys , you will see them fighting this shit too. We are not Washington or Cali, although those sunshine fuckwits have sure butted their nose in our states politics.


I really hope my future neighbors in OR can gain some ground. If they fall I really hope MT and ID isn’t next. Wishful thinking I know.


MT will go down easier than Oregon. I cant believe how fast they are deteriorating. Idaho and Utah are going to be pro gun untail their guns are pryed from their cold dead hands. Although, Idaho is going to be trying to run a democrat Native American woman and she is majorly pushing the race card. She had a 30 something% approval rating last I read. Thats the only momentum for the leftiez in Idaho, really.


I agree with all of that.


Its not an accident folks it has been very well planned. The Sheriffs have claimed their land and are delivering their demands to the peasants.
Peasants are folding rapidly. Soon only an uprising will reverse the damage.


just so you know serfs are peasants.

Dictionary result for serf

/sərf/ noun
plural noun: serfs

  1. an agricultural laborer bound under the feudal system to work on his lord’s estate.
    synonyms: bondsman, slave, servant, menial, villein, thrall, helot, ceorl; vassal, liegeman
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I prefer:

free·dom fight·er

Dictionary result for freedom fighter

/ˈfrēdəm ˌfīdər/


  1. a person who takes part in a violent struggle to achieve a political goal, especially in order to overthrow their opressive overreaching and corrupt government

I meant to write Sheriff there lol