Oregon SB 501 would limit ammo purchases and require license to buy guns


A new bill introduced in the democratic controlled Oregon legislator seeks to restrict gun rights in the state. SB 501 would limit magazine capacity to five rounds and require permits to purchase firearms. It would also limit ammo purchases to 20 rounds every 30 days.


That sucks. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.


How the heck are you supposed to practice or train with 20 rounds every 30 days!

So lets just make the laws that will disarm the law abiding and make sure they can’t practice so they’ll be lousy shots, you know, just in case they somehow get through permitting process :rage:


That’s a very good question


You cant! Which leaves a few choices, stand and fight or get the hell out of libtard town!


Someone must have mentioned to those @$$clowns that most CCsnubbies are 5 rounders. So 15 to train with 5 to carry…