Oregons second amendment preservation Ordinance


I only used this source for a laugh but the bill is real.

What is your opinion of Oregons second amendment preservation ordinance?

  • Yes its a good idea
  • No its a bad idea
  • Its better than nothing but not ideal

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Lots of cities in California are now passing laws to disregard the sanctuary state law. It’s a law disregarding a law that’s illegal. Silly when you think about it but that’s California for you.


Here in Oregon the second amendment people have more grounds for sanctuary staus then Cali does for illegal immigrants since firearm rights are protected by both the U.S. Constitution and Oregons Constitution. They can say the laws the state passed are illegal and this is merely a compromise.


Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Is my main news source.


Thsts nothing to brag about


I’m comfortable with my likes and dislikes despite what opinions Stormfront says I’m allowed to have.

I like Alex and Roger Stone, his comments and the heat he took for them about Barbara Bush is what free speech is about and how it should work, you say what you want and reap the outcome, not get censored.


Fair enough. I use to troll Stormfront ,had like 3 sock accounts on there 2 of the socks were liberals and would argue about racial politics, funny stuff.


vitality? is that you?



First time I’ve seen pre-emption used in a bad way



No, my socks were really sensitive and didnt like violence ,unlike Miss Antifa Vitaly.


This looks good on the surface, but let’s take this model and put 30 years on it.
So now there are some county’s that allow the citizens to keep and bear arms and there are county’s that don’t. Do you being a law biding citizen move your family to a house in a county that supports the second amendment. 4 years later the county you did love in now is a sanctuary county and the one you currently live in is dropping is sanctuary status.
Listen any separation of any kind with the American people will weeken us. Any at all. Please think about this and take this into account.


I was thinking about similar stuff but the flip side is a fight with the liberals in Portland. This last year they msde some big moves, our governor has taken in over 50 million dollars from the Brady org. in the last couple years. The numbers are close but we are outgunned up here, they have money and control of the politics(mostly). If Kate Brown loses to Knute Buhler next election then the pro 2A people might stand a chance but as is we are basically being ran by California style politicians.