(Original) Camillus knives


Camillus was the oldest knife company in the US, and finally closed it’s doors in 2007. I have (to me) a nice collection of their knives, with fixed blades and folders.
Camillus made the USMC Fighting knife during the years, and was also made by other several companies, but it was the KaBar name that stuck. So all fighting knives were called KaBar.
The name Camillus was bought just like Schrade, (uncle henry/old timer), and is now made in China.
They also made the pilots knives, USN knives and other military knives.
Here is the military part of the collection.


Made in China…Too bad.


Yes it is. The only good thing about it is, it made my collection worth more as collectibles than users. I probably have 200 Camillus knives. I spent a few years collecting them, and will take my time selling them when I retire so as to have a past time.


I think I may ave an old Camillus in my garage. I’ll check in the morning.


I know this is an old thread, but I live in and around the Camillus, NY area. The old factory burned down a few years ago and they rebuilt it as luxury apartments. I have a marlin spike knife from them from my time in the USCG.