Over 50% of households have a firearm


After doing a lot of research on this, let me tell you, it’s not that easy to find this stuff. It’s either shifted hard left, or hard right. But. We already know about 1/3 of Americans own a firearm. The loony far left will say well, that leaves 2/3 that don’t so we have the majority. That got me thinking. Well, I’m a gun owner, but have four people in my household. What I have found is as of 2016 about 44% of households admitted to owning firearms in the home, on the property, or in the car. 51% said no, with 5% not answering.

With this said, anyone without a gun has no reason to claim they do. While a home with a gun has a chance of saying no, we do not have a gun in the home. Finally, those who do not answer are most likely gun owners. In my opinion, this shifts the percentage of gun owning households 5%-10% towards owning. This places the majority of households as owning firearms. I believe this is a far more accurate measuring stick than overall gun owners. In the case of my home alone, one owner, four users.


Sorry gun control, but once again, you are wrong.



If you wouldn’t mind sourcing all this, I’d love to have it on hand in case it would ever come in handy.


This one here seemed to be well balanced.


This one is older, but still good information.


And finally, this one. After talking with a lot of gun owners, many say the same thing. I would say no if asked. This is why I personally believe the total household ownership is much higher than what is reported in the data.


I’m in Texas and I think that everyone that I know owns at least one firearm. And quite a few of us own dozens.


^ I’m with grumpy old man (nice name by the way). In fact I know people from both coasts, the UK and from Canada that have them on Texas. The latter two tell me it’s quite liberating to have this right with much less restriction than from their native country.


I’ve talked to a lot of people from all over the world, most of them wish they had options.


This is quite true. Poor Aussies, they got screwed just like the U.K. it’s a shame because of the immense respect I have for both of these countries’ regular citizens. F their governments.


I get people from those areas arguing all the time about how great it is. I tell them a caged bird will never understand the freedom of flight. They just don’t understand. Firearm ownership is a big part of our culture, To give that up would change the US in a drastic way. It’s like banning beer in Germany.


I must be fortunate? Perhaps if they make their way to Texas they are already gravitating to somewhere they’d like to be with more rights and freedom than their homelands? Haven’t ran in to and militant Brit or Aussie telling me their country is better. :slight_smile:


I deal with it on Twitter every single day. There’s always someone that claims to be a constitutional scholar, or speaks for every single person in their country.


Ah that’s the internet for you. Ignore those douches, I do. The people who leave their country and come here are the people you want to deal with. Most of them are on our side. Plus they are a ton of fun!


It’s what I do, got nearly 30k followers on Twitter


Mister_Torgue, et al:

If I am not mistaken, both Australia and the U.K., have Rebecca Peters to “thank” for their loss of gun rights. Obama loved her credentials so much that he hired her for his administration to attempt the same outcome in the USA. Fortunately, they did not succeed.


*fuck THE government


Thank goodness we are rid of that horrible set of human beings.


Im happy Eric Holder is gone, he is one our worst enemies as gun owners. Its too bad he is thinking of running for potus.


Democrats who are screaming the most to take away your guns are SELLING guns.Democrat hypocrite


This is kinda old news. But the really frustrating thing is that he was sentenced in 2016 to only 5 years and $20k. The articles I recall said he was convicted on corruption chargers and while “promising” to sell weapons to undercover FBI (and accepting money for them) none actually changed hands. But that’s just to the FBI. Who knows what actually happened before that. This guys always been dirty.
What frosts my cookies is only a 5 years sentence. I’m left to wonder what the sentence would be to a pro 2A conservative in the same situation.