"Over the last 48 hours we have witnessed gross incompetence among some election officials,"



Sarasota, FL - With the news of a third statewide race reaching the threshold required for a recount, Congressman-elect Greg Steube has released a statement calling for the United States Department of Justice to oversee the recount process:

“Over the last 48 hours we have witnessed gross incompetence among some election officials,” said Greg Steube. “Despite state law requiring counties to report their early and absentee votes within thirty minutes after polls closing, votes are still being counted two days later. Broward and Palm Beach counties are violating the law by continuing to count votes.”

“Floridians deserve fairness, transparency, and accuracy when their votes are counted,” continued Steube. “That is why I am calling on the Justice Department to oversee that our elections be concluded fairly, and that the sacred principle of 1 person, 1 vote be upheld.”

“Some of our election officials have demonstrated that they are incapable of properly doing the job they were elected to do. Floridians have a right to be skeptical of the recount process if it is monitored by the very people responsible for this delay,” said Steube.

“While the elections could not be closer, the stakes could not be higher. The goal should be to protect the integrity of the ballot box and to make sure every legitimate vote is counted, not to change the result of the election.”

“The Justice Department’s oversight of this process will help restore faith in our election process during this critical time.”


Just the past 48 hours?


They can keep counting if they want, however, seeing they failed to report the totals within the time frame set by law, the numbers should not be included in the totals. If that’s a problem, the problem lies with the people who failed to meet the deadline.


I think these are magic votes that only appear when one side does not want to lose.


Hey, It takes a bunch of Liberals a long time to fill out ballots off of all the names they wrote down from Graveyards…Geez…


Well, Florida was waiting on their shipment of illegal cubans, a storm hit and the inner tubes drifted off course.


Yeah, and obviously, some of the liberals didn’t follow the liberal commandment for voting:

“Vote Early, Vote Often” (except maybe their last votes are what are now being counted?)