P320 lawsuit so far?

Has anyone gotten the update on Sig P320 and its patent infringement with Steyr? I really want to know considering I’m thinking about designing a gun for a game which might just use a similar technology and unsurprisingly I don’t want to get into lawsuit thing.

If you are serious about development of a system like that a patent lawyer is worth paying for, if the design is close to the sig.

Regarding Steyrs lawsuit against Sig.
Steyr has an agenda here and there is way too many holes on their end.

Its easy to see Sig got the idea for their modular design from Steyr but…

why is Sig the only company being targeted here? The Ruger American and Beretta APX both use similar modular designs and neither is being pursued by Steyr.

Why did Steyr wait untail the p320 won the military contract to cause a fuss?

The p250 uses the same design but cameout 7 years prior to the p320, why was there no lawsuit then? Why is the p320 specified but not the p250?

I do think Sig borrowed/stole/were inspired by Steyrs design (just like Ruger and Beretta did)but I highly doubt Sig loses this one.